Ch 39: Distractions

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Avalei's POV

Another day has passed and Bella is a little better after she's drunken blood. She called her dad earlier today just to update him, and I know it was hard for her to talk to him while she's like this. He wanted to come over check on her but she told him no. I felt her emotions and she mostly felt sadness.

I was outside with Jacob, Seth and Leah when I heard someone's thoughts. Someone I haven't heard of before. It was faint but someone was there.

I looked back to the house, a little confused.

"Av, is something wrong?" Jacob asked me, hugging me from behind. He used my little nickname.

I looked at him, "I thought I heard someone's thoughts."

"Can't you hear everyone's thoughts?" Leah remarked.

"Yeah but this ones different." I replied to her.

"Who's thoughts are they?" Seth asked.

"I don't know. The voice is new to me. But its coming from Bella" I answered.

"But I thought you and Edward couldn't read her mind." Jacob stated.

"That's just it. Its not Bella...I think its the baby." I slightly smiled at them.

"You can hear the baby's thoughts?" Seth asked. I nodded, closing my eyes and leaning more into Jacob. Edward had apologized to Bella for being so bitter about the situation but now that he hears their baby and how much he or her means to Bella, he's learned to love him or her. I still say it's a girl though.

I couldn't decipher the gender of the baby through its thoughts, but the baby's thoughts were pure and happy. He or she loves the sound of Edward and Bella's voices. He or she already loves them. I'm glad Bella and Edward are happy again.

"That's so cool." Seth commented. We just laughed a bit, except Leah of course, snapping me out of my focus on the little family in the house. We all went back to patrolling.

Jake and I went back in the house an hour later. Carlisle called Jacob and I to talk.

"That's the last of it?" Jacob said placing a blood bag on the counter. Bella's been downing a lot of blood since yesterday and that's the last bag.

 Bella's been downing a lot of blood since yesterday and that's the last bag

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"Bella could deliver as early as tomorrow. If she's going to have any chance at all, she'll need more blood." Dad stated.

"And you need to feed. You have to be at your strongest for her. We need to go tonight." Mom said to dad.

"Carlisle, you're the enemy now. Sam won't hesitate. You will be slaughtered." Jacob warned them.

"Emmett will come with us." Mom added.

"That won't be enough." Jacob replied.

"What about me?" I suddenly said. Jacob immediately looked down at me sternly.

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