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Legendary Lovers ✘ Kol Mikaelson ✓ by Cat_Archer
Legendary Lovers ✘ Kol Mikaelson ✓by cat archer
Being married to an Original isn't easy and Cory Mikaelson knows that better than anyone. After her husband gets taken away from her she loses herself, but after a hundr...
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Twilight Preferences by fangirloffandomworld
Twilight Preferencesby Y
So I really like Twilight and thought Why the hell don't I just write stuff for it These are mine and I will not hesitate to report anyone who copies this without my per...
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Start Of Time•Paul Lahote by spacebisexual
Start Of Time•Paul Lahoteby laura™
"You're a superhero, Like a for real superhero" "Oh No" In which Allison Gilbert travels to find her birth father and gets more than she bargained fo...
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Desired Destruction • Edward Cullen [1] by -ACHILLES
Desired Destruction • Edward Culle...by -ACHILLES
"you were the lion, i was the wolf; enemies from the start." [twilight; book 1] [edward] [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
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TRUTH ▹ JACOB BLACK by shivelight
T W I L I G H T S A G A ❝truth is beautiful, without a doubt, but so are lies.❞
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Deadgirl Walking by HellerMyers
Deadgirl Walkingby Heller Sawyer
This is a random story I came up with. I don't own anything. Just my OC.
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Edward's True Mate by ChantalMurphy1988
Edward's True Mateby Black_Swan_❤
What happens when Bella Swan and her best friend Sapphire Hale move to Forks, Washington to live with Bella's father? Sapphire will catch the attention of the whole Cull...
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Somewhere  ➤ Edward Cullen by stuckystans
Somewhere ➤ Edward Cullenby LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE
❝You are actually the worst human being that I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.❞ ❝Considering that I, unfortunately, am not a human, that statement is slightly in...
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Bella and Jacob by Angie_Maye_Miller
Bella and Jacobby Angie_Maye_Miller
What if Bella and Edward didn't date it get married? What if Bella choose Jacob for her lover? What would the result be?
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A message to the Twilight Fangirls by HeartOfFullmetal
A message to the Twilight Fangirlsby J
Hey girls!!! I just want to say, if any of you actually decide to go through this. I wanna introduce a new Edward. Edward Elric to be exact! You guys like Twilight (obvi...
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It's the 21st Century, There's No Such Things as Arrange Marriages Anymore by AtiannaJames
It's the 21st Century, There's No...by Atianna James
Tatianna is a typical party girl who thinks life is a big game where she has no responsibilities and why wouldn't she think that when her parents take care of her, but n...
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Found You Again (Twilight Fanfic) by damla_tunc_
Found You Again (Twilight Fanfic)by Damla Tunc
Bella and Henry have always been friends since nursery. In school, they were known as the weird 'geek' ones, but nothing mattered to them. They always had eachother. The...
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Carlisle's Daughter (twilight fanfic) by georgia_faerie
Carlisle's Daughter (twilight fanf...by GEORGIA
What if Bella Swan was actually a vampire hybrid, Carlisle's daughter to be exact. What if she meets up with him after years apart. read to find out the life of Carlisle...
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Taking It In by Jugeumuiai
Taking It Inby Jugeumuiai
~Sirius and Remus are not dead~ After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He finds it hard to trust unknown people. Feeling...
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Love Reveals Itself Once Again by Saibaxxo
Love Reveals Itself Once Againby Saibaxxo
It's been 100 years after Edward leaves Bella, but it seems there is something different about Bella when Edward finally meets her again...
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WOLVES & WITCHES by scarletharlet
WOLVES & WITCHESby scarletharlet
Rose and jacob have been bestfriends since forever, but what happens when things begin to change? Secrets are told, enemies are made and will true love ever be? Read to...
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The Other Sister by bellanib
The Other Sisterby bellanib
My name is Eleanor Rose Swan. My dads name is Charlie Swan & My moms name is Renée Dwyer. I have one older sister & her name is Bella. We used to be super close. But Bel...
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Infamous | Twilight by catchkeep
Infamous | Twilightby Elle
Isabella Swan is on the run, and Edward Cullen fears his kind will finally be exposed. It's been a long time coming.
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Fragile Diamond by Lovely_Iris_15
Fragile Diamondby Iris ❤⭐
*summary inside.* Book 3 in the Diamond Series/Saga
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If You Were Mine by ahhlexiis
If You Were Mineby ahhlexiis
Bella, an aspiring ballet dancer, and Edward, a prominent musician, have met briefly two years ago. They meet again in Julliard, and sparks fly. When they finally get to...
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