Ch 6: Happy Birthday

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This is where we go into New Moon. Again, all rights go to Stephanie Meyer. The italics are the POV's thoughts and bold italics are when Avalei mind talks to people

Edward's POV

Its been a few months since the incident with James. Though, we still look out in case Laurent or Victoria decides to return. Bella and I have been great. Avalei is extraordinary with what she has become. She's mastered most of our powers but still working on her main power, to conjure any element and telekinesis. We had to find out the hard way for that power to work. Lets just say she got mad at Emmett and I for pranking her during one of our hunts and before we knew it, both Emmett and I were levitating off the ground. She's learned to control that a bit.

Oh and since she can read minds, she learned to speak through our minds and she's been able to read peoples' dreams as well. Mostly Bella's since the rest of us don't sleep. Avalei has mastered the ability to tune out or shield things as well, I feel like she's gotten that from hanging out with Bella a lot. Such as sometimes, I can't read her mind or sometimes she blocks others' minds from me. Mostly to hide jokes or surprises. It is truly amazing that she holds that much power, and that's not even the end of it. Every time she'll come across another vampire with abilities, she'll just add another gift to her list. Avalei truly is special.

Avalei isn't into much of the drinking blood diet, which made it easy for her to go back to school this year, though she can suffice with a little bit of it. Her favorite are mountain lions, like me. We were cautious at first to let Bella be around Avalei but she didn't seem to want to kill her. In fact, she's been pretty close with Bella since the James incident. She goes over to Bella's sometimes and I think Charlie has grown to like her. Bella always felt guilty for what happened with the James' incident and Avalei would always have to tell her it wasn't her fault. Also, Bella doesn't know about Avalei being a hybrid, all she knows is that Avalei is a vampire and with many gifts. We can't tell her about werewolves because it isn't our secret to tell.

And speaking about werewolves, Carlisle has allowed Avalei to interact with Sam, the alpha of the pack in La Push. Most of us were a bit uneasy knowing she'll be hanging with wolves, but its just to let her be comfortable and to know the ways they live, though she hasn't phased yet.

Aside from all the supernatural things, today is Bella's birthday. Knowing Bella, she probably loathes this day now.

Avalei's POV

I rode in Emmett's car as we arrived at school. Edward parked across from us as I spotted Bella taking a picture of her human friends. Once Edward began to walk towards her, I listened in.

"Happy Birthday." I heard him say. Yeah I was eavesdropping on them, but what makes it seem like my other siblings aren't?...Actually they aren't...oh well.

"Don't remind me." Bella retorted.

"Your birth is definitely a day to celebrate." Edward commented back.

"My aging's not-"

"Your aging? I think 18 is a little early to be worrying about that."

"It's one year older than you."

"No it isn't, I'm 109."

"Maybe I shouldn't be dating such an old man, Its gross."

That's when I giggled a bit. "What are you giggling about munchkin?" Emmett nudged me using the nickname for me.

"Bella and Edward. Bella's a little grouchy that it's her birthday today. She thinks because she's 18 that it makes her older than Edward." I said giggling a bit again. That's when the bell rang so I followed the rest of my siblings to the buildings.

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