Ch 16: Que Quowle

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Avalei's POV

When we got in, I immediately smelled a vampire, though a scent familiar to me. It was dark for a few seconds until the lights suddenly flicked on. There stood my sister, Alice, with a frantic look on her face.

Bella gasped, realizing who she was, "Alice?! Oh god" she said quickly hugging her

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Bella gasped, realizing who she was, "Alice?! Oh god" she said quickly hugging her. That got Alice surprised as well. I stepped aside a bit.

"Bella!" She said pulling away.

"I'm sorry I- I just I- I can't believe your here. I-is-" Bella stuttered but Alice jumped in.

"Would you like to explain to me how you're alive? Both of you?" Alice questioned worriedly.

"What?" Bella asked confused.

I looked into my sister's mind, she saw when Bella jumped off the cliff. Then a few moments after, I saw myself jump off as well. Bella was soon blurred then I saw the scene I was running out of air. Then I blurred out too.

"I had a vision! You jumped off a cliff!" She said looking at Bella, then at me, "And you followed after her!" She looked back at Bella, "Why on Earth would you even try to kill yourself Bella? I mean what about Charlie? What about-" My sister rambled on but I decided to interrupt her.

"She wasn't trying to kill herself Alice. We were cliff diving, recreationaly." I lied for Bella. She looked at me thankful. "It was fun." Bella added. Alice let out an annoyed yet relieved sound.

We then made some hot cocoa to cool down a bit. I was already missing Jacob's warmth.

We sat down in the living room to talk.

"I've never met anyone more prone to life threatening idiocy." Alice stated to Bella.

"You're telling me. Its been what? Half a year since you guys left? I'm still not used to the constant dangerous situations she gets herself into." I included. Smiling softly at Bella, teasing her.

"Does- Did you- Did you tell him?" Bella stuttered again, asking Alice about Edward. Alice looked at me.

I haven't told her anything about him Alice.

"No, he only calls once in a few months. He said he wants to be alone" Alice said calmly to Bella. I looked down, feeling sympathy towards my brother but also disappointment. He still hasn't realized what leaving has done to both Bella and himself.

"And what is that god awful wet dog smell?" Alice asked after a moment of silence, her face looking disgusted, smelling the air.

I then looked down at myself, I still had Jacob's jacket on me, plus I was just cuddled next to him not too long ago. I smelt my collar, his cologne with a hint of woodsy musk and wet dog. Though it didn't really phase me because I was already used to it, and it made me still feel like Jake was here.

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