*40 years later*

I was rocking on my chair as I watched my grandkids run around the front yard,
"I remember when you were that little" I smiled at my daughter Taylor,
"I can't believe it's been almost 23 years that you were brought into this world" I looked at her,
"and it's been 63 years since you were brought into this world" she laughed, "if only your dad was here to see you now" I smiled at her wiping a tear from my eye,
"please don't cry mum, I know he would be happy" she smiled holding my hand, Liam had died a couple of years ago, it was tough for me and Taylor but we got through it.

"come on, let's go for a walk" she smiled and helped me up, we walked down the pathway,
"I remember when your dad carried me down this pathway on our wedding night" I smiled as the memories filled my head,
"and the night we had to rush down it for you to be born" I smiled looking at her,
"do you remember when we done that?" Taylor asked pointing to the sidewalk as we got to the end of our pathway, it was Liam's, Taylor's and I handprints,
"yes I do" I said walking over to it and kneeling down, tracing Liam's handprint,
"I miss him" I whispered with tears in my eyes,
"it's alright mum, I miss him too" Taylor said kneeling next to me,
"I'm gonna go and check on the kids" Taylor smiled getting up,
"I'll just be here" I smiled as I traced our handprints once again.

I got up and walked to the graveyard, it wasn't too far away from our house, I walked in and I felt the wind blow against my face, I walked through it until I came to Liam's gravestone,it read,

Here lies Liam James Payne,

A beloved father, brother, son and husband.

You will truly be missed

I wiped the tears away from my eyes as I placed some flowers on the gravestone, I stood up and looked at the sky that was now filled with stars.

I got home and walked inside, the floorboards creaked as I walked on them, it brought back memories of when we first arrived, I walked upstairs and into my bedroom, I lied on my bed and soon enough fell asleep.

I woke up, I got out of bed as the usual sound of the floorboards creaked as my feet landed on them, I walked outside and was now standing on the pathway out the front of the house,the cold wind blowing my now gray hair around, I felt someone sweep me off my feet, I looked up to see a smiling Liam, I looked down to see I no longer was wearing my nightgown but I was wearing my wedding dress, I smiled as he kissed me, he put me down and held is hand out, I put me hand in his hand and he pulled me into his chest as he lead me down the pathway where all our memories were shared into the darkness of the night, now letting us be together forever...

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