After Zayn left I ran over to Liam and untied him, Emma was still sitting down hugging her legs in fear and shock, I helped Liam up and went to Emma,
"are you ok?" I asked, she looked at me, her eyes wide with fear as she backed away,
"does this always happen to you?" She asked in fear,
"no" I lied, she got up and we all walked to the door, Emma following slowly behind as we walked out of the room and into the corridor.

We were walking for what seemed like hours of no one talking and trying to find the other boys, I started to worry, what if Zayn got to them, I started to tear up, Liam looked at me worriedly, "what's wrong?" He asked, grabbing my arm,
"what if we never see the boys again?" I asked letting tears fall down my face, I could tell he was jealous because he tensed up,
"we will" he said quickly with no expression at all before he started walking again.

After about another hour of walking I heard someone singing something, as we walked further the song became more clear, it was 'no control' but I couldn't figure out who was singing it, I followed the singing until we found the boys, i heard the singing again and it sounded like Louis,  I ran up behind him and hugged him with tears in my eyes, he turned around in shock but then calmed down and hugged me back, I heard his soft cries,
"was that song about me?" I whispered in his ear as I giggled, I could feel his cheeks burn up,
"you heard that?" He asked,
"yep" I giggled before kissing his cheek, ( no she is not cheating on Liam, she kissed Loui in a friend way), I felt his cheeks burn up once again,
"Can I tell you something?" Louis asked,
"yea" I said smiling, letting go of him,
"I know your getting married to Liam and all but, uhh, how do I say this, umm, I like you" he said blushing harder whilst looking at the ground,
"it's ok, I won't-" I got cut off by Louis's lips crashing onto mine, my eyes wide in shock, I didn't kiss back and just stood there before I pulled away from Louis to see a very angry Liam...

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