When Emma got to my house she started bawling her eyes out, her make up was running and her hair was a mess.

"what happened!?" I asked shocked
"I-It's Matthew" she sobbed, tears running down her face,
"h-he's really sick" she said crying, "Oh my god, what happened!?" I asked, worried about her twin brother,
"h-he just collapsed and wouldn't move" she said her head in her hands crying,
"but any way, what were you going to tell me?" She asked wiping away her tears, giving me a forceful smile,
" oh umm, do you remember how I went on that date with Liam?" I asked, " Yea and you were so excited!" she said smiling a genuine smile,
"well he asked me out on another date!" I squealed,
"when!?" she shouted,
"next week" I said smiling.

We started jumping around my room and on my bed,
"you should stay at mine tonight and we will talk about it" I said,
"just let me go ask my mum"...

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