Liam pulled me aside and took me to a little market place, it was full of colours and I don't know why but I felt free, "what are we doing?" I asked puzzled,
"Just keep following me" he said smiling,
We walked through the market place for a bit then he stopped and took me into a little shop, it looked like a little restaurant, we sat near the back in one of the small booths and ordered some hot chips and hand burgers,
"Carley, you know that tomorrow we have our concert at Sydney stadium, right?" He asked with a raise of his eyebrow,
" Yes Liam" I said smiling,
" well, I've convinced the boys to let you and one friend to come backstage and watch us and they get to come on the rest of the tour with us" he said smiling,
" really?!, oh my god, what friend do I choose?!" I squealed,
" Carley, calm down, you don't have to decide who right now but I know when you do that you will make the right choice" he said laughing and kissing my forehead.

When we had finished our dinner we went and joined the other guys, after about an hour we went back to the hotel, we all had our showers, I put on one of Liam's shirts that hung down to my knees, I might have been a bit chubby but it was still to big, Liam and I lied on the bed, a few minutes later I heard soft snores escaping from Liam's mouth, I got up and got my phone, I had decided who I was going to take,
"Hello, Emma?"
" well you know how I've been on tour with the boys and everything?"
"Well they said I was aloud to bring one friend to come backstage and watch AND  come on the rest of the tour with them, I was wondering if you would forgive me and come with us?"
" after all I done to you and you choose me?"
"Yes, you are the only person that I can trust and can have fun with all at once"
" one question, how am I meant to get there?"
" we've already sorted that out, pack your bags, your getting on the flight tomorrow morning at 10:00 am and flying to Australia, the boys and I will pick you up then we will go straight to the concert"
"See you there"

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