I woke up to someone humming

( insert a song coz I can't think of one 😂)

I opened my eyes slowly to see Zayn walking around, I tried to move my hands but they were tied to a pole along with Louis, Harry, Niall and Emma, 'how am I gonna get out of here?' I thought to myself trying not to be noticed by Zayn, I felt someone next to me move and I turned my head to see Louis, he looked at me in shock and was about to say something when I sent him a glare meaning 'don't say anything', suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, Louis and I quickly shut our eyes as we heard Zayn walk over and grab my phone out of my back pocket and answer it, I couldn't hear the conversation that well but I knew he was talking to Liam, I had no idea where we were and I'm guessing Louis didn't either, I looked over to Louis to see him rubbing the rope up and down the pole to try and wear it out so I did the same, after about 30 minutes of doing this on and off it finally snapped, we kept out hands behind our backs so Zayn wouldn't notice.

We were left in the cold, dark room for about another hour before Zayn left, Niall, Harry and Emma had woken up by then and we told them what we were going to do, I heard the door open and saw a figure standing at the door, it was Liam? I got up and ran over to him but when I wrapped my arms around him I heard a chuckle, I looked up to see Zayn looking down at me with a smirk on his face, I backed away in shock but confused as well,
"Liam?" I heard Louis whisper, Zayn was coming towards me again, he was finally about as close to my face that our noses were almost touching, I turned my head to the side and mouthed the words run to the others, Emma, Harry and Niall all ran out but Louis stayed, he got up so Zayn couldn't hear him then slowly walked up behind him, he had a frying pan in his hand, he hit Zayn over the head with it and tied him up with the ropes he tied us up with, I grabbed my phone and called Liam, he didn't answer so I didn't bother calling again.

Once again we were lost in a cold, dark house, we were running down corridors and into rooms and things like that trying to find a way out, I held my head and stomach in pain as we kept running, soon enough the pain got the better of me and I stopped and fell to the ground, I heard Louis run over to me, he picked me up bridal style and kept running, it started to get worse and worse and soon enough I passed out to the sound of Louis's voice keep repeating, "the drugs are kicking in"...

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