That night me and Emma talked about Liam and his friends, the next day we went out to the shops and bought a few things.

*next week*

It's the night when I'm going on my second date with Liam but I'm not as nervous as I was before,around 4:15 I just finished getting ready in a white dress that went up to my knees with black converses and a little makeup, when the doorbell rang,
"I'll get it!" I shouted running downstairs,
"Hi" I said smiling at Liam,
"You look beautiful like always" he said smiling, as we walked out the door, "bye mum, bye dad, love you" I shouted.

As we got in the car I asked
"where are we going today?" and yet again he said
"its a surprise" he answered with a cheeky smile, like always.

When we got to the place he put his hands over his eyes, when I got out of the car I could hear the ocean, he took his hands of my eyes and we were at the beach.

*half an hour later*

The sun was setting and Liam said something that made my heart melt, "the sunset is beautiful but not as beautiful as you",
"That's a bit cheesy isn't it?" I giggled,
"Yea I know" he laughed.

After a while I had question that I wanted to ask him that was running through my mind the whole time,
"ahh Liam, can I ask you a question but you don't have to answer if you don't want to" ,
"sure" he answered smiling,
"Well, what happened to Danielle?", as soon as I said that his smile faded, "well let's just say our differences got the better of us"...

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