Chapter 14

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*a couple months later*

I woke up to someone singing in the kitchen, I got up and walked into the kitchen and Niall was there cooking pancakes, Louis was sitting in the lounge watching TV and Harry Must of gone home because he was nowhere to be seen. I walked in the kitchen and leant on the kitchen counter, Niall turned around and almost dropped all the pancakes he just cooked because he was that startled,
" so miss Carly, would you like butter, golden syrup or honey with your pancakes?" Niall asked putting my pancakes in front of me,
" hmm, hard choice but I will have to go with butter" I answered,
" nice choice" he smiled,
We both laughed, I sat on the seat that was pushed under the counter and Niall came around and pulled out the other and sat down, as I cut the first bit of my pancake and put it in my mouth I noticed Liam coming up behind me so just as he got behind me I turned around and shoved a bit of pancake in his mouth,
"yum" he said licking the butter off from around his mouth.

As I got changed I heard someone knock on the door,
"hold on" I said as I was putting my jeans on and putting my hair up in a messy bun, I opened the door and it was Liam,
"Hey, do you want to go down to the pools with me and the boys?"
"sure, let me get dressed into my cozzies and I'll be out" I said closing the door, rolling my eyes as I made a workout of pulling my jeans off once again. A few moments later I came into the lounge room and Harry was there and so was another little kid,
" hey Carly" Harry said smiling
"this is Luke"
" hi Luke, I'm Carley" I said smiling and waving at him,
" what's he doing here?" I asked Harry confused,
" well it's a long story so I'll tell you later" Harry said.

As we got in the car I sat in the front, I turned on the radio and ' just like fire' by pink was on, I started singing and then everyone joined in, just as the song ended we arrived at the pools, everyone jumped out of the car and jumped in the pool, I was standing just on the edge of the pool looking for Liam but just as I noticed Liam wasn't in the pool someone came up behind me and picked me up and jumped in, obviously it was Liam.

A couple of hours later we got back in the car and went home, as soon as we got home Harry had crashed out with Luke and all the other boys were eating so I sat on the lounge and watched a bit of TV, when Liam was done he picked me up and put me on his lap as he sat down, I started to fall asleep so we lied down on the lounge and I fell asleep cuddled up to Liam...

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