"Do you want kids?" I asked Liam as I sat down on the lounge,
"of course,why?" Liam asked me sitting down next to me,
"I don't know, just asking I guess" I smiled at him, we sat in silence for a bit until Niall came bursting through the door,
"Zayn's been captured and sent to jail in America!" Niall said jumping around happily, (We're in Australia right now), "does that mean I won't be seeing any more visions or anything of him?" I asked out of curiosity,
"oh, right, I was meant to come here and give you this" he smiled at me as he gave me a bottle,
"what is it?" I asked him while examining the bottle,
"it's medicine for the visions, take it 3 times a week for, uhhh, a week!" He smiled, I couldn't help but laugh, "what's so funny?" He pouted at me, "oh, nothing" I assured him,
"well I better go" he smiled before leaving.

It was around 5:30pm now and the sun was just setting,
"why'd you choose me?" I blurted out before covering my mouth, this question has been bothering me since the night I escaped from Zayn's secret hide away,
"what do you mean?" He asked with a confused expression on his face,
"you could have gotten any girl in the world and you chose me, why?" I asked looking at him,
"well, I follow my heart not my eyes, when I saw you at our concert I just had to get to know you, you had a great personality and the beauty, bonus!" He said laughing,
"I'm not always a bonus" I giggled, "well it doesn't matter, your my little bonus" he said tapping his finger on my nose, I just smiled.

The next day was 3 days until the wedding, I was excited but nervous at the same time, today was one of those days where it was a relaxing day, all day Liam and I stayed in our pyjamas and watched movies,
"I wish days like this could last forever" Liam whined,
"but they can't" I giggled,
"well, I wish they did" he pouted,
"well I hope that when we grow old together everyday of our retired lives will be like this" I giggled and he kissed my nose...

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