I gasped, "Zayn?" I said as tears fell down my cheeks, he walked into the light, the dimness of the light making the features on his face look sharper, a smirk was on his face, I look into his eyes and I swear I saw sympathy flash through his soft brown eyes before they turned to a deep midnight colour, soon after meeting with mine,
"do you know what they done?" Zayn hissed at me,
"no and I don't care because I don't want to listen to your bull shitting!" I spat before turning my head,
"oh Carley, Carley, Carley" he chuckled shaking his head,
"Liam's gonna find me and you'll be sorry" I said not even looking in his direction, I felt a hand grab my chin, "you remind me of someone I used to date" Zayn said playing with my blonde hair while looking at my facial features, "Perrie?" I asked, he scrunched his nose up in disgust, "yea, that one" he said like they weren't even engaged, like she was just an old chew toy he used then got bored of,
" why are you like this?" I asked him, tears in my eyes as he smirked, just before he was about to say something my phone rang, 💜Lima beans💜 was the caller ID's name, Zayn walked over to it and answered with a smirk playing on his lips as he looked at me,

*start of phone call*

Z: hello?
L: Carley?, where are you?
Z: this isn't Carley
L: Zayn..
Z: you guessed it
L: what did you do with Carley?
Z: nothing, yet
L: I'm going to find you you know
Z: have fun with that

*end of phone call*

Zayn said with a grin before hanging up and throwing me phone on the table, he walked out of the room leaving me alone in the dimly lighted room, I looked around to try and get an idea of where I was but all I could see was pitch black beyond the light.

Hours passed and there was no sign of Zayn or Liam, maybe this was it, seconds felt like hours as I sat in the chair with my hands and feet still tied to the chair, I could feel the rope cutting into my skin, my mascara was running and my once bun was now a mess, I had a massive headache and my shirt had a bit of blood from my head on it, I felt sick in the gut.

Another couple of hours passed and I was still in the same dark and silent room I was in before, I had nothing to do but wait and see if someone comes to help, I was lost in my thoughts until I heard a door open, I closed my eyes tightly thinking that it was Zayn coming to hurt me,
"it's ok Carley, it's just us" I heard a thick Irish accent say, I opened my eyes and saw Niall standing in front of me, a sigh of relief leaving my mouth before I felt my hands and feet get untied, I then saw Harry and Louis come and stand next to Niall, I stood up and almost fell because of how long I was sitting for, I rubbed my wrists in pain as I saw where the ropes had been tied, I suddenly got picked up bridal style by Louis and we all ran out the door, we ran down long corridors and past multiple rooms trying to find a way out...

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