"But I thought you wanted nothing to do with Zayn?" I asked in confusion, he ignored my question,
"what do you want?" Liam snapped at him, standing up and walking in front of me,
"oh, you know, the normal" he smirked looking at me,
"not this time asswipe" I heard Liam say before wrapping his hands around Zayn's throat and pinning him to a wall, I was shocked, not in the fact that he was choking Zayn but in the fact that he swore, this was like one of the first times I've ever heard him swear,
"so Mr Goody - too - shoes has finally relaxed" Zayn said smirking, I could tell Liam tightened his grip around his neck because his hand was going white, "Carley, go and get the phone and call the police, now" Liam said in a firm yet calm voice, I obeyed his instruction, before I got back into the room Zayn had pinned Liam down, I stood in shock at the sight, they couldn't see me but I could see them, I held my hand over my mouth in pure shock,
"not so tough now are you Payno?" Zayn smirked,
"please, do anything to me, anything you want just please, don't hurt her"  Liam begged with tears in his eyes, his tough exterior soon crumbling to the ground,
"well this is what you get for getting me kicked out of the band" Zayn said through clenched teeth, his hands tightening around Liam's wrist making Liam wince in pain,
"it was for the rest of the bands safety" Were the last things Liam said before getting knocked out by Zayn, he smiled at himself as he got up and dusted himself off, my instincts told me to run upstairs but my heart was telling me to run to Liam, so that's what I did.

I ran to Liam, he had a busted lip, a black eye and a cut on his forehead and cheek,
"I'm sorry I didn't help" I whispered, tears forming in my eyes,
"I could have helped but I didn't" I sniffled before bursting into tears, placing my head on his chest and soaking his shirt from my tears,
"he deserved it" Zayn said from behind me, anger and jealousy laced in his voice,
"no he didn't!" I yelled at him, getting up and pushing him backwards, right at that moment the police burst through the door,
"police, put your hands up" they yelled, holding their guns towards Zayn, Zayn just put his hands above his head and smirked at me, the cops took him out to the police car and left me kneeling at Liam's side.

It's been a couple of hours since that incident, Liam has woken up, a bit dazed and confused at what happens so I told him to go back up to the bedroom and sleep and I'll tell him later. I was watching tv, When I suddenly got a text message from an unknown number,

' I told you he deserved it'

the text message read, A confused look now on my face, a few moments later I heard a scream from upstairs...

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