Chapter 6

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" Where are you going!" shouted Danielle as I walked to the door,
"Away from you!" I shouted walking to the door, tears rolling down my face,
"Why, what's wrong with me!?" she shouted collapsing to the floor, "nothing, it's just that our differences, there are too many differences and that's why I think we should go our separate ways" I said with tears in my eyes as I walked out the door, as I left I could hear her having a breakdown...

*end of flashback*

"And that's the last I heard of her..." Liam said with tears in his eyes,
"I'm so sorry, I guess I shouldn't of asked you that" I said frowning,
"No No it's ok, I needed to tell someone sooner or later" he said with a weak smile, I gave him a smile back, placing my hand on his.

When Liam dropped me off I gave him a hug,
"I had a great time tonight" he smiled as my cheeks went a bright red,
"Me too" I smiled,
"We'll do it again sometime?" He asked and I nodded in response,
"Well I better go" I said looking at the ground,
"Yea, me too" Liam smiled, I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before walking inside leaving Liam standing at my door, a shocked expression on his face as his cheeks went red.

3 months later

Me and Liam have been on a few more dates now and I'm getting ready to go on one tonight,
"Carley!" I hear mum yell, stress and worry fill her words. As I walk downstairs Mum was rushing around crying,
"what's wrong?" I asked panicked,
"We need to go to the hospital to see Matthew!" she said rushing out to the car,
"What happened to him!?" I asked tears in my eyes as I chased my mum around,
"I don't know, I just got a call to go to the hospital" Mum said starting the car.

When we were going out of our road mum was in tears, her hands around the wheel making her knuckles turn white,
"Mum, is he going to be ok?" I asked, the tears making my vision clouded,
"I-I, of course he will be" she turned and looked at me, giving me a weak smile. I looked out the window as mum turned the radio on.

I looked out the window, thoughts running through my mind, I was soon snapped out of my thoughts by a loud horn, I turn my head to look out the windshield to see a truck racing towards us at full speed, my eyes filled with fear as I turned to mum, She was trying to turn the car out of the way of the truck but it was to late, her eyes met mine as the truck hit our car, the sound of screaming and sirens were the last thing I heard before I blacked out...

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