The next day I woke up to soft snores coming from Liam, his eye had gone down but he still had the cuts and bruises, I got up and checked the time, 6:43am, great, I decided to text Emma and see if she's awake,

C: hey Emma, are you awake yet? Sorry if I woke you up :)
E: nope, I'm awake :3
C: ok, is Louis doing ok?
E: uhhhh let me check, be right back
C: ok
E: his eyes gone down but he still has bruises and cuts all over him
C: ok, same with Liam, I'm gonna fix Liam up while his still asleep and then come over and fix Louis, ok?
E: yep, see you soon :)
C: ok :)

I turned my phone off and went to the kitchen, I got disinfectant and a cloth, I walked over to where Liam was sleeping and sat down, I put some disinfectant on the cloth and started to rub the cuts, he flinched every time I wiped them, I finally finished and put the cloth down on the table, I kissed his forehead before walking upstairs, I quickly changed into some different clothes and walked downstairs, I grabbed the cloth and disinfectant and walked outside, I put the keys in the ignition to the car and backed out.

A couple of minutes later I was welcomed by a hug from Emma,
"how's it going?" She asked as she showed me to where Louis was,
"it's ok, what about you?" I asked her as I sat down on the bed Louis was on, I put some disinfectant on the cloth and wiped Louis's cuts, he winced every time I touched them, they must be really deep, I finished and got up off the bed, I looked at the time and it was 7:23am,
"thanks Carley" I heard Emma say,
"no problem, anyways, I better get back before Liam gets up" I smiled,
"ok, see you later then?" Emma asked, "maybe" I smiled at her before getting in the car.

I arrived back at home and walked in the door,
"where were you at?" I heard a tired voice say from behind me,
"I was at Louis's talking to Emma" I said turning around and raising an eyebrow,
"ok then" he pouted,
"my head hurts" he whined as he held his head,
"let me get you some panadol" I said walking into the kitchen, I walked back into the lounge room with a couple of panodols and a cup of water, I gave them to Liam and sat down next to him, he took the panodols, swallowed them and put the cup of water on the table, he put his head on my shoulder and I smiled, a few moments later I heard soft snores...

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