After about an hour of driving we had noticed that we were over the other side of the town, we drove up a mountain to one of those lookouts and Liam parked the car, Liam looked into my eyes, his brown eyes shining in the dimness of the sun,
"your so perfect..." He said leaning in towards me,
"but not as perfect as me" he whispered in my ear before he ran away,
" Liam James Payne" I said pouting whilst stomping around looking for him, I ended up getting lost, I heard him coming around the corner so I grabbed his arm and tripped him over, him falling and I landing on top of him, I started kissing him,I don't know why but he pushed me off of him, something just didn't feel right, I looked at him with a weird face and he walked back to the car.

The whole drive home he didn't talk to me, he just kept his eyes on the road, when we got home he had some toast and went upstairs, I sat down on the lounge, after about 30 minutes he came back downstairs and sat down next to me, he wiped his hands on his jeans and looked at the Tv but didn't even look at me once,
"what have I done?" I asked looking at him, he looked at me,
"did you?" I heard his shaky voice softly say before he ran upstairs, I tried running after him but just as I got to our room he shut the door and locked it, I heard him slide down the door, so I slid down the opposite side,
"Liam, what did I do to make you ignore me?" I asked, tears brimming in my eyes, as I was about to get up but I heard his shaky voice ask,
"Carly, did you cheat on me?"...

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