Carly Miller was about to sit down in her chair at the front row of a One Direction concert with her best friend Emma, she couldn't believe that for her 18th birthday her Mum and Dad got her 2 One Direction tickets.Just as she sat down the music started, the whole time she wouldn't stop screaming and singing along, She was so interested in the screaming and singing that she didn't notice that someone was watching her, and they weren't in the crowd but on stage.

Liam started singing and as soon as he saw Carly he smiled and wouldn't take his eyes off her. At the end of the concert she gathered all her things and walked out to go home, just as she reached for the door she felt a hand grab her shoulder.

She turned around and in front of her was Liam Payne, the real Liam Payne, she was about to speak but he interrupted her and asked if he could have her number and when he would see her again. As Carly got home she ran up the stairs to her room and jumped on her bed, she couldn't believe it!,the real Liam Payne wanted to see her again! Then she remembered Emma, she had to call her and tell her about it.

"Hello?" Emma said,
"hey, it's Carly an you won't believe what happened after the concert!" Carly squealed excitedly...

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