I sat down on the bed and looked around for a while then got up and went to the kitchen, it was about 11:30 pm so of course Louis was still up watching tv, he was also drinking out of a wine bottle and eating a massive packet of chips, I walked to he fridge and got out the milk, next thing I know, my other best friend Melissa Jane (but everyone calls her Mel) storms in the door, ( I hadn't talk to her in a while but we were still really close),
"Hey, Dude, you know that wine you got there? Can I have some?" She asked pointing to the bottle,
"Sure, come sit down next to me and we can share, I got a few more in the fridge anyways" he smiled pointing to the fridge,
"Hey Louis,Why didn't you lock the front door?" I asked
" I guess I forgot, whoops" he shrugged,
"And Mel, how did you find where we were?" I asked her, raising an eyebrow,
"Heard you were in town so I looked for your car, I then asked the front desk guy but he refused to tell me so I gave him a piece of me, he then decided to tell me so now here I am" she shrugged, taking a chug of wine,
I shook my head then I got my glass of milk and went back to the bedroom, I didn't get much sleep that night because all I heard were Mel and Louis talking and laughing until about 2 in the morning so I just sat on my phone and watched tv.

The next morning was the day of their first concert in Australia, I had gotten up early and cooked them all bacon, pancakes and eggs, I sat down for a bit and watched tv, I had to sit on the floor because Mel and Louis were passed out on the lounge, the first of the boys to wake up was Liam, he came up behind me and gave me a massive bear hug, the next, Harry with Luke, the 3rd, Niall ( only because he smelt the pancakes ) and finally, Louis and Mel.
Once everyone had finished their breakfast they all went and had showers, Mel went home and I called Emma,
"Hey Emma, were leaving in an hour"
"Ok, I got on the plane about a hour ago so I won't be there for another 40 minutes"
"Ok, see you when we pick you up"

An hour later we all arrived at the airport where Emma was,
" Emma!" I said waving to her,
" Carley!" She said running towards me,
" I missed you!" She said hugging me,
" I missed you too" I said back,
We all got back in the car and drove to the stadium where everyone was getting set up, there were thousands of girls waiting out of the stadium screaming the boys names, they smiled, took photos and signed somethings for people. As I was walking beside Liam Emma has Luke in her arms, I could feel some glares and I heard some nasty things but I was comforted by Liam holding my hand and whispering funny things in my ear making me giggle.

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