Hey guys, so I'm thinking about writing another book but it's not going to be about 1D, sorry 😁💗

Anyways, I've made the cover and written the description for it but I was gonna ask if you guys would read it, I'm gonna put the description below and If you like it comment😊

( the description of the story is in bold )

"Until they met everything in their lives were black and white...

In a world where your life is blank with no colour at all, you have to meet your soulmate to bring back the vibrant colours of the world.

Avery and Byron, two teenagers who live their normal, boring lives until they cross paths.

At first it was small things regaining colour, flowers, clothes, birds.

For a while it was small, unnoticeable changes, until they met again, that's when they started to realise things were starting to obtain colour.

Will their worlds completely regain colour or will it start to fade to black and white again?"

So please, if you think you would like the story comment, until next time, byeeeeee 😂❤️

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