I woke up with a massive migraine, I looked around the room and saw the door slightly opened, I looked at the time and it was around 9:00am, I got off the bed and walked downstairs, I went into the kitchen and was welcomed by the smell of bacon and pancakes, I sat down on a stool under the kitchen bench and put my head in my hand,
"this smells nice" I complimented Liam, he jumped,
"oh, good morning, I didn't see you there" He said turning around and smiling, I sat in silence for a bit,
"can we put the wedding back on for next week?" I asked him, he turned around and looked at me,
"I thought you'd never ask" he said smiling,
"I've got everything ready from before but I just need to make and send out the invitations" I said smiling before walking upstairs, I sat down on the bed and put my laptop on my lap.

After about an hour I had finished making the invites, because our wedding colour was a light blue I made the colours on the invite the same colour, the invite was white and was boarded with light blue, it read,

Dear ____
Carley and Liam would like you to attend their wedding on Sunday 14th of February 2016, you don't have to bring anything, the ceremony is at a small part of Bondi beach and the after party is at Bondi surf club, they hope to see you there xxx
~Carley and Liam

I sent them to all the guests then shut my laptop, I walked back downstairs to be greeted my Liam and breakfast sitting on the table, I sat down next to Liam and told him what was on the invites whilst I ate my bacon and pancakes and drank my orange juice, I finished eating and started washing up, Liam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist whilst putting his head on my shoulder, 'imagine waking up to this everyday and the sound of little feet running around the house' I thought to myself...

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