Chapter 28

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I sat down on the lounge, we hadn't spoken to the other boys for a while so I invited them around to celebrate Harry's birthday, today it was Harry's birthday so we decided to make him a cake,
"hey guys!" I yelled running over and hugging them, they hugged back,
"I missed you!" I said hugging them tighter,
"we missed you too!" They all said together,
"well, I have something to address to this party" I said turning my head and looked at Liam, he went and got the cake,
"happy 22nd birthday styles!" I said putting the cake in front of him, he smiled gratefully,
"well, I have nothing to say but thank you" he said looking at the cake in aw, "well that's a first" I laughed, after the cake we watched some movies, we ran out of popcorn so Liam went and got some more,
"why can't I come?" I moaned walking to the door with Liam,
"because you have to look after the boys" he laughed,
"but..." I said pouting
"no buts, now go back to the boys" Liam said trying to sound angry but failed,
"haha, you said butts" I laughed,
"your so childish Carly" he said nudging me before walking out the door.

A couple of hours passed and he hadn't got back, I tried calling him but he didn't answer so I started panicking, 'what if he was in a car crash, what if he was killed?!', I thought to myself as I started hyperventilating,
"Carley, calm down!" I heard Niall's thick accent say as he placed his hands on my shoulders,
"But what if he's dead!?" I yelled, my breath getting quicker by the minute,
"I'm sure he's fine" I heard Harry say reassuringly,
"I-I f-feel dizzy" I said holding my head in my hands before fainting, the faint sounds of the boys voiced slowly leaving my ears.

I woke up in a hospital bed with wires attached to me, I looked around to see Liam asleep on a chair next to my bed, a huge sigh of relief left my mouth, a couple of minutes later Liam woke up, "Carley!" He said cheerfully with tears in his eyes,
"don't ever do that again!" He said hugging me, a nurse came in and checked on me,
"umm excuse me, how long have I been in here for?" I asked,
"well, about 2 weeks now, am I right Mr Payne?" She said with a fake smile while looking at him, I could tell she was flirting with Liam, the anger and jealousy slowly building up inside of me,
"that's about right" he smiled at her, scratching the back of his neck whilst secretly tightened his grip on my hand, I guess he could tell I was mad,
"when can she come back?" He asked with hope in his eyes,
"about another 2 days" she said giving me a fake smile, I could tell she was happy to be able to see Liam's face for a few more days, but what I don't understand is why?,
"I have a feeling I could leave sooner but she doesn't want me too" I whispered to Liam as the nurse left the room,
"ahhh, yea" Liam said quietly whilst he let go of my hand and he looked at the ground,
"is their something wrong?" I asked looking at him in confusion,
"yea..", just as he was about to tell me the boys burst into the room,
"Carley!" They all said in unison and gave me a massive hug,
"boys!" I said hugging them back, the nurse came into the room again and all the boys fell silent and looked at Liam, I could feel something was up, I looked at Liam then back at the nurse who was smirking,
"I guess this is a bad time to say that she has to stay longer?" She said with a fake frown trying to hide a smirk,
"how much longer?" Liam asked impatiently,
"about another week" she smiled at him after shrugging,
"why?" Louis asked with a look of anger wash over his face,
"Because we still need to do a serious amount of tests on..... Carly" she looked disgusted when she said my name, like when she said my name something foul was in her mouth, she gave me a glare before walking out of the room,
"well we better go" Harry said scratching the back of his neck, I look over at Liam who had a look on his face, almost like he was begging them not to leave,
"bye guys" I said waving as they walked out of the room, turning to Liam with a stern look,
"now what were you going to tell me?" I asked looking at Liam...

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