I woke up to the sound of Liam's voice, I opened my eyes slowly and looked around, Liam's head shot in my direction and he came running over to me, enveloping me in a massive bear hug,
"what happened?" I asked weakly in confusion,
"well you and Louis were trying to find a way out when you collapsed, Zayn had drugged you" he said with anger and annoyance in his voice,
"can I get up?" I asked trying to get up but failing,
"nope, if you get up you'll collapse again" Liam said helping me lay back down,
"where are the other boys and where are we?" I asked in confusion,
"we're at our place and their trying to find a medicine to help you" he said smiling at me,
"well you better rest, I'll turn the tv on and go downstairs and get you something to eat and drink" he said smiling, turning the tv on and walking downstairs.

I flicked through channels until one caught my eye, I left it on the channel and put the remote down, I was watching for a bit and I could hear Liam downstairs cooking something, suddenly, the tv screen turned fully black then Zayn's face appeared on it, he was laughing a mechanical laugh making shivers going down my spine, I screamed in horror as Liam came running upstairs and bursting through the door, he was welcomed by me hugging my knees crying, he sat down next to me and hugged me,
"what happened?" He asked me with worry in his voice,
"h-he was o-on the t-tv" I said stuttering while crying into his chest, "but the tv- the drugs" he said in a low and angry voice,
"you don't have to worry Carley, I'll always be here to protect you" He said kissing my forehead while playing with my hair,
"but what if he gets me?" I asked sniffling,
"while your here with me he wouldn't want to come near you" he smiled at me with reassurance in his voice,
"ok" I smiled putting my head in the crook of his neck and falling asleep to him humming...

Authors note:
Hey guys!, how's it going? I'm good, I wrote this chapter on the bus ride to school so sorry if there's any mistakes :) anyways, nothing else to say except don't forget to like, comment, share and keep reading!

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