The wind blew through my hair as I cried to myself, it had been about an hour now and there was no sign of anyone, I looked in the direction the house was and I saw the door, 'I wonder if their ok?' I thought to myself, I put my head back on my knees and rubbed my now puffy red eyes, I suddenly heard my name being called, I turned my head to see Niall, Harry, Emma, Liam and Louis running towards me, I got up and ran over to them, I hugged everyone except Liam, "are you ok?" I asked Louis holding his face in my cold hands and expecting it, he had a cut on his eyebrow and lip, a black eye and a bruise on his cheek, I traced the bruise with my finger as he winced in pain, I quickly pulled my hand away, I went on my tippy toes and kissed the top of his head, I walked over to Niall and gave him a tight hug, I done the same with Harry, I got to Emma and I pulled her into my embrace,
"I'm sorry I left you" I whispered in her ear as tears filled my eyes,
"it's ok" she whispered back, I smiled at her and she smiled back, it was finally Liam's turn, I walked over to him and glared at him, he just looked at me with regret in his eyes, he had a cut on his cheek and lip, a black eye and a bruise on his head and cheek.

We finally got home, all the other guys went home and Emma stayed at Louis's so it was only me and Liam at our place, I looked at him then walked upstairs and shut the door, I had a shower, after that I put an oversized shirt and some pyjama pants and lied on the bed, I heard the tv turn on downstairs, I sighed to myself and walked over to the door and opened it, I walked downstairs and saw Liam sitting on the lounge drinking, I went over to him and grabbed the drink out of his hand, he looked at me, I put the drink down on the table and sat next to him,
"I'm sorry about the-",
"it's ok, I forgive you" he started to apologise but I cut him off, the rest of the night we had a movie marathon on the tv and drank hot chocolate and coffee until we fell asleep...

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