"That blonde bastard!" Harry yelled, "wait, you never know, maybe Niall had no say in it, I'm basically saying that maybe Zayn's in Niall's house but Niall doesn't know" Emma said putting her hand on Harry's shoulder,
"if that's what's happening then where is he?" Harry said looking around furiously,
"hi guys! What did I miss?" Niall's cheery voice rang through the room as he came through the door with nandos in his arms,
"told ya" Emma giggled, he pouted, "told him what?" Niall asked sitting down and putting his food on the table, "Harry thought that you were helping Zayn because I called Louis and Zayn answered and I tracked Louis's phone and it was at your place" I said in one breath,
"wait, what?!" Niall said shocked, "Zayn's in your house somewhere" Emma explained,
"well then let's go!" Niall said getting up and leaving his food, 'it must be pretty important if Niall left his food, dammit Carley, it's no time for jokes' I thought to myself

We all arrived at Niall's house and quietly tip toed inside, Niall had a basement and an attic along with the actual living area, after checking the living area Niall and Emma went to the basement and Harry and I went in the attic, Harry had a baseball bat, we got up the ladder to see Louis tied to a chair, I ran over to him and untied him, as I was untying him he was shaking his head with what looked like fear in his eyes, I looked up at him then turned around to see Harry get pushed down the ladder and the door being slammed closed, it was obviously Zayn,
"Zayn, I'm not scared of you" I said confidently but I could feel the fear rising in my body,
"oh really now" I heard him say as he walked into view,
"yes" I replied standing up,
"I see how it is" he said walking towards me, all I remember was Zayn lungeing at me and Harry, Niall and Emma come bursting through the door before Louis punched Zayn as I got pushed against a wall and knocking my head because of Zayn, I look around at the commotion being held in front of me before I blacked out...

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