It was finally time for the boys to perform, Liam gave me a quick kiss before he went on and Louis gave Emma a wink and her cheeks went bright red, Emma was holding Luke and he was smiling with enjoyment, Emma put him down and he started wiggling his bum and dancing, we both looked at each other and started laughing.

About halfway through the concert, Liam called me on stage,
"So I know all of you guys know my girlfriend Carley, right?"
"Well, I would like you to give her a warm welcome as she comes out onto the stage" he looked at me and smiled a cheeky grin, I shook my head and smiled,
" well someone's being shy, everyone, cheer for her"
"Ok, fine" I smiled giving in, I walked on stage and there were millions of eyes staring at me, but not in jealousy but in encouragement,
" Carley Miller, we have known each other for 1 year now and I'm head over heals in love with you, so, with your permission..." He reached in his jacket pocket and got on one knee, my eyes started tearing up,
"Will you marry me?"
"YES!!" I said as he slipped the ring on my finger before I jumped into his arms hugging him,everyone was screaming and clapping, I looked over at the other boys and they had huge smiles on their faces and a look in their eyes that you could tell they were proud of Liam.

The rest of the concert I sat out backstage admiring the ring, Emma was in fairyland over Louis while Luke was asleep in the chair next to me.
All the way home I hugged Liam, our wedding date was in 3 weeks and I had so much to organise, along with Liam being on tour, luckily our wedding day was a few days after they went on hiatus.

We arrived home and the boys looked so tired so Emma and I made them dinner, after about an hour they all had gone to bed so Emma and I stayed up talking for a bit, after about another hour I went and lied in with Liam, Emma went and slept on the lounge, as I climbed in with Liam I could hear his soft snores and I thought to myself as I fell asleep, ' I can't wait to wake up to this every morning ' ...

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