Once we were finished I walked up the stairs to the bathroom to have a shower, as I was walking up the stairs I heard someone behind me, I turned around to see Liam following me,
"can I have a shower with you?" He asked smiling cheekily,
"no you can not" I said laughing quickly before putting my hand over my mouth to try and stop myself,
"fine" he said while pouting before stomping playfully down the stairs, I walked up the stairs into the bathroom, I locked the door and ran the water, I took my clothes off and chucked them at the wall, I got in and sighed as the warm water ran down my back.

I got out of the shower and put my bra and undies on, suddenly someone opened the door and looked at me, it was Liam, he looked up and down at my chubby complexion, he smirked and I pouted and put my hands on my hips,
"Mr Payne, get out of here" I smiled shooing him off, I put on one of Liam's shirts and put on some sweat pants. I walked down stairs and smelt bacon cooking, it was about 3am so I could see why,I'm guessing it was Liam, cooking it,
"so chef Payne, what's for breakfast?" I asked sitting down,
"well, there is bacon and eggs, bacon and eggs and oooo, bacon and eggs" he smiled,
"That sounds delicious" I giggled,
"that's all I can cook" he pouted.

"I've invited the boys over today" he said with bacon shoved in his mouth, "ok, I haven't seen them in ages" I said slouching while shoving another piece of bacon in my mouth.

Around about 10am the boys arrived,
"so, when's the big day?" Louis asked smiling,
"uhhh, on the 14 of February" Liam smiled,
"Valentine's Day?" Niall said tilting his head to the side,
"yup" I said popping the p,
"Heyy Harry?" I said in a whiny tone,
"Yes?" He asked raising his eyebrow,
"Where's Luke gone?" I said with a tilt of my head,
"We found his family" he answered with a cheerful smile.

After about an hour of laughing, jokes and different conversations all the boys went home.

"Do you wanna go somewhere?" Liam asked,
"sure" I said smiling,
"where shall we go?" He asked laughing,
"wherever the road takes us" I said making it sound like an inspirational quote,
"ok" he said laughing as we went out the door and got into Liam's car, he backed out of the driveway and off we went...

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