When I woke up Liam was leaning his head up against the plane window and he was crashed out, I smiled at the sight, his mouth was open with small snores coming out, I looked behind me and Harry and Luke were fast asleep, Luke's head on Harry's shoulder and Harry's head on Luke's head, I shook my head with a smile. Afterwards I looked through the crack between the seats in front of me, Louis was asleep, soft snores escaping his mouth, next to him Niall was still up eating a bag of chips while watching a movie, I tapped him on the shoulder and he jumped a bit, he glared at me as he placed his hand over his heart,
"Hey, can I have some?, I'm starving" I asked with an apologetic smile, he glared at me once agin before he leant down into his bag ad ruffled around in it for a bit before pulling out a bag of chips and handing them to me then turned back around and started watching his movie again,
"fine, be antisocial then" I said pouting, opening the chips and throwing one at his head, he turned around and glared at me, a cheeky smile placed on my features,
"Sorry" I smiled before he turned around and started watching the movie again.

I turned the tv back on and put Titanic on, I don't know why but I felt like watching it, maybe I felt like having a small cry or maybe I just wanted to watch a heart touching story, who knows?, near the end of the movie I started crying, it was the bit where Rose said "I'll never let go jack" before letting go,
"You said you would never let go but then you did, why?!", I said, tears in my eyes, I was leaning down to get some tissues when all of a sudden Liam sprung up and looked around frantically then sat back down, his chest beating up and down rapidly probably from his heart racing,
"what's wrong?" I asked with a handful of tissues,
" someone was trying to take you and you were crying and I couldn't help you and...", he said, the tears rolling down his face and staining his rosy cheeks,
" oh Liam" I said laughing with a small sniffle,
" I was crying but it was because I was watching Titanic, not because I was getting taken" I answered kissing his cheek,
Liam let out a huge sigh and gave me a tight hug, I looked at the time and noticed we only had 10 minutes until we got to Australia so I woke the other boys up and told them to put their seatbelts on.

A hour later we arrived at the hotel and unpacked our things, Liam and I shared a room, Harry and Luke shared a room and Louis and Niall shared a room, when we finished unpacking we went downstairs and walked around the town for a bit, about a hour later Liam grabbed my arm and whispered, "follow me, I need to show you something"....

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