I heard the scream,
"Emma!" I shouted struggling to get out of Louis's grip, I finally succeeded, I ran towards her screams, I could hear the boys yelling my name and chasing me but I kept running, I finally stopped at a door, it was slightly opened, the dim light shining through the crack, I slowly and quietly pushed it open to see a frightened Emma tied to a chair, I ran up to her and untied her, just as I got up from untying her feet I heard the door close,
"well Carley, I never got to finish my story" I heard Zayn's menacing voice say from behind me,
"I don't want to listen to you story" I spat, helping Emma up from the chair, "to bad, sit down before I hurt your precious fiancé" I heard Zayn say before a light turned on, I turned around to see Liam tied up with a clothe around his mouth and tears in his eyes,
"Liam" I whispered as tears and to my eyes, I tried running towards him but getting pulled back,
"don't even try" Zayn said grabbing my shirt, Emma in his other arm,
"now sit before something bad happens" he hissed, we did what we were told,
"now, like I said, I didn't get to finish my story"...

"Perrie, wait" I said running after her, grabbing her wrist,
"why'd you do it Zayn? Wasn't I good enough for you?" She said with tears in her eyes,
"I didn't do anything, she kissed me" I said not letting go of her,
"that's not what Liam told me" she said letting tears fall down her cheeks before she got out of my grip, chucking the engagement ring I gave her at me and ran out of my house, leaving me in tears.

A couple days after that I got into heavy drinking, I would come home every night drunk out of my mind, I would abuse the boys but I couldn't help it, the alcohol taking over my mind and body, finally, Liam had had enough, I still remember when Simon sat me down,
"I'm sorry mate but I'll have to kick you out of the band" Simon said with almost tears in his eyes,
"it's because of Liam isn't it?" I said with tears in mine,
"No, it was a whole group decision,now I would like you to go back to the house and get your things and leave" Simon said before getting up and leaving, I got back to the house and packed my things, the boys were in the lounge room,
"it all your fault this happened!" I yelled at Liam,
"I'm sorry" he said quietly before I stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind me...

*end of flashback*

Zayn finished his story with tears in his eyes before pushing the chair Liam was in towards me and Emma then leaving the room...

Authors note:
Hey guys, how's it going? Do use like this chapter, I think I've said this before but I have nothing against Zayn and the story about him and Perrie and him leaving the band in this story is completely made up so please don't get mad, anyways, nothing else to say except don't forget to like, comment, share and keep reading! :D :3

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