When I woke up I walked out to the kitchen where Emma was leaning on the bench drinking some hot chocolate, " good morning Emma" I said walking to the fridge,
" good morning Carley" she answered sipping her drink,
" you know how in a couple of weeks I'm getting married to Liam, right?"
"Yes, of course and I'm so happy for you!"
"Well, I was wondering, since you are my best friend and all, if you would like to be my maid of honour?"
" I would love too!!"
"Well, today I'm going out to look for some wedding magazines so I can look for some ideas for the wedding, so do you wanna come help me?"

Later that day we walked into a wedding planner place, we picked up some magazines and went back home, I lined all the magazines up on the coffee table, there were about 6 different magazines, after about an hour we had finished looking through them and I had chosen what one I liked, it was a small beach ceremony then the after party was going to be at a surf club, I had a planner thing that I wrote everything about the wedding in.

At about 12:30pm the boys were finally up, I told Liam and showed him what I liked,
"You don't have to have it if you don't like it"
"No, I love it, especially since I love surfing"
"Ok, well I'm going wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow so I'll be gone from about 11:30 to 1:30 ok?"

A couple of hours later we were sitting at the table, I brought the food to the table and all the boys were like seagulls trying to get one chip, Luke in a seat eating his Mac and cheese while giggling at the boys, the sauce all around his mouth, after a while they had finished and they all had fallen asleep, besides Emma and Louis staying up talking, I went and lied in with Liam hugging up to him as I fell asleep...

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