It was about 9:00am now and I got a call from Harry,

*start of call*

H: hey, are you ok?
C: yep, I cleaned up Liam and Louis's cuts
H: what do you mean? I'm at Louis's house now and he's nowhere to be seen
C: what??
H: I arrived here with Niall about 10 minutes ago and he's not here
C: have you tried calling him?
H: we've tried everything
C: ok, I'll look for him and use just keep trying to contact him
H: ok

I looked at Liam who was still sleeping, I left a note that read,

I've gone to go find Louis, Harry and Niall arrived at his place and he's nowhere to be seen, I'll be home later, love you xxx

I finished the note and walked out the door to my car, I tried calling Louis and surprisingly he answered,

C: where are you?
L: a-at the s-shops
C: no your not, tell me where you are
Z: ahhh, your getting smarter my dear
C: Zayn, what have you done with Louis?!
Z: you think I'd tell you? Ha, wrong you'll have to come find him
C: where is he?! Hello?! Hello!!?

He hung up on me, bastard, I put the keys in the ignition to the car and called Harry through Bluetooth,

H: hello?
C:Zayn has Louis
H: what?!
C: I'm coming over so we can track where the phone call was from
H: ok, see you soon

I arrived at Harry's and opened the door,
"I'm here" I yelled as I walked into the lounge room, I saw Harry sitting down with Emma,
"Hey, where were you anyway when he got taken?" I asked emma in confusion,
"I went home because he was fine and yea" she answered with a weak smile,
"Anyway, how are we gonna do this?" Harry asked looking at me, I got my laptop out of my bag and put it on the table, I plugged my phone into the laptop and went into the calling app, it showed up on the laptop screen.

After about 2 hours of fiddling with my phone the address from where the call was answered showed,
"how?" Harry said, his eyes wide,
"I don't know" I said in shock,
"but how could it be from Niall's place if Niall's-"
"where's Niall?" Harry started saying but I interrupted,
"oh no"...

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