Chapter 32

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I run upstairs as quick as I could, I slammed the door open and Liam bolted up, yawning and looking at me in confusion, I looked at the tv and saw that scream was on,

(do you get what I did there? If not, look up Liam Payne facts😂)

"sorry if I scared you, I must have forgotten to turn the tv off before I fell asleep and this turned on" Liam apologised simply, giving me a small and tired smile,
"oh it's ok" I smiled back,
"you can go back to sleep now" I simply said before turning the tv off, walking out of the room and closing the door, 'it's weird how I couldn't hear the tv before', I thought but soon forgot about it, I walked downstairs to the kitchen, I grabbed a pile full of food and started making whatever came to my mind.

After about an hour of eating and watching tv I walked back into the kitchen to put my dishes into the sink, I heard a door open and close quietly, (it was around 3am so that's why they done it quietly I'm guessing),I thought it must of been Liam so I kept on doing what I was doing, all of a sudden an arm was wrapped around my waist and a hand covered my mouth, I screamed but they all came out muffled so I tried kicking but they were too strong,I looked up and tried to see who it was but they had a hoodie covering their face, thoughts ran through my head, 'what if I never see Liam again?!', 'what if I never see anyone again?!', I once again tried screaming so Liam could hear but my screams were once again muffled,all of a sudden something cold hit my head and the last thing I saw was the stranger put me over their shoulder before I blacked out.

I woke up in a dark room, I looked around and tried getting up but I was tied to a chair, suddenly, a bright light turned on above me, I squinted my eyes because of the sudden flash of light, I looked around to see if anyone was there, I saw someone walking around in the shadows but I couldn't work out who it was,
"h-hello?" I asked stuttering because of how cold it was in the room and how scared I was,
"ahhh, Carley, your finally awake" the stranger said walking towards me but staying out of the light,
"it was you that sent him the text about me cheating on him, wasn't it?" I questioned, anger laced tn grouch my voice,
"Well done my dear, you figured it out" they laughed,
"Why?" Was all I breathed before bursting into tears,
"because my love, for payback"...

Authors note:
Hey guys, sorry if this is a short chapter to you, I've just been really tired lately, anyways, nothing else to say except don't forget to like, comment, share and keep reading! :P :O :D

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