When I woke up, I wasn't in the hospital but at Louis's house, my head hurt, a lot, and there was no sound, until I heard a kitchen cupboard open, obviously Niall was here,
"Niall!?" I shouted,
"yea!?" Niall shouted back, his voice muffled, sounded like he had found a box of cookies, Niall walked in with a box of cookies and sat on the lounge next to me,
"do you want one?" He asked holding out the box of cookies,
"ahh no thanks" I answered,
"oh well, more for me!" He said shoving about 3 cookies in his mouth, "can I have a shower?" I asked, looking down at my now torn and filthy clothes, "sure, it's not my house so do whatever you want!" Niall said cheerfully,
"ok thanks" I said giving him a smile.

As I was walking to the bathroom I had to pass Louis's room, as I walk past his room I hear crying and someone repeating over and over,
"this wasn't meant to happen", I knocked on the door softly and Harry answered,
"oh, hey Carly" he said with a small smile,
"oh, ah, hey, who's in there?" I asked trying to look in the room, Harry looked around and then whispered, "it's Liam, he can't get over what he done to you and now he's really angry at Louis",
"well, can you tell him I'm fine?" I asked him,
" I don't think this is the right time to tell him, he doesn't even want to hear your name right now" Harry said checking Liam that was now rocking back and forth on the bed,
"well I better go and have my shower now, bye" I said as Harry closed the door.

When I got to the bathroom, I stared the shower and got in, I relaxed as I felt the warm water rush down my back washing away all the dried up blood and dirt.

after about 20 minutes I got out and got dry and then realised I forgot my change of clothes in my bag, ( I always bring a change of clothes with me everywhere just in case something like this happens), then I heard someone knock and the door, it was Niall,
"hey Carly, everything alright in there?" He asked,
"yea but I don't have a spare pair of clothes" I answered,
"ok, I'll be right back" I heard Niall say as he ran out of the room, a few minutes later a shirt was chucked in with a pair of small boxers,
"there you go" Niall said,
"thank you" I answered, I put back on my bra and undies and put the boxers and shirt on, they were really big on me so I got my hair tie and tightened the boxers, I walked out of the bathroom and who happened to be there but Liam, and he didn't look to happy,
"Are you alright?" I said walking over to Liam,
"why are you wearing HIS clothes? You could of worn anyones clothes but you chose to wear HIS" He hissed raising his voice, at that moment I realised I was wearing Louis's clothes,
"Niall gave them to me to change into, I didn't know that they were his" I told Liam as I glared a Niall, Niall gave me a innocent smile,
"Yea right,get them off, now!" Liam said, sounding angry and demanding, "no, because if I do I won't have anything to wear" I replied, raising my voice,
"I don't care, get them off", Liam yelled,
"NO BECAUSE IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU PUSHING ME INTO THAT TREE I WOULDN'T HAVE TO BE WEARING HIS CLOTHES!", Liam's eyes started watering and at that moment I knew I made a mistake,
"I'm so sorry" I tried apologising,
"no your not, you are never sorry, you lie, just like you lied to Emma and now your lying to me, you lied about loving me" he said trying to hide his tears,
"no, I meant all of what I've said to-" I said walking up to him but was cut off by Liam,
"GET AWAY FROM ME!" He screamed, so I did, I ran into Louis's room and locked the door and who happened to be in there but Niall stuffing his face as usual, I flopped on the bed, crying into the pillow, I felt Niall's arm wrap around me, "everything's going to be ok" he cooed into my ear,
"don't worry about it".

I went to sleep that night crying, having bad dreams about Liam and Louis but luckily Niall was there to keep me calm.

I woke up the next morning from a nightmare to Niall gone and commotion in the kitchen, I went out and Harry and Niall had turned the place upside down,
"what's wrong?!" I asked panicked, "well, Liam left this note and we haven't seen Louis since yesterday" the not read,

'I felt like I didn't belong and no one wanted me there, especially Carly, so I've left so I can make use all happy, use can come looking, I don't care, I'm just going to let you know that I'm not coming back until I finish what I started , getting rid of Louis...'

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