It was now 2 days until the wedding and I was getting nervous, tomorrow is my bachelorette party and the day after is the wedding, I could tell Liam was a little nervous too, I watched him as he sat on the lounge typing something, "whatcha doin?" I asked him curiously as I walked up behind him,
"saying how lucky I am to have you on Twitter" he smiled at me,
"your too sweet" I said kissing him, it was about 3:00pm and we were both still in our pjs.

After about another hour I ordered  pizza, I got off the phone to the pizza place and sat down next to Liam who, may I remind you, is still on his phone, "whatcha doin now?" I asked looking over at his phone,
"replying to fans on Twitter" he smiled, we sat in silence until the doorbell rang,
"pizza!" I squealed before running to the door, a few moments later I came back to the lounge room and put the pizza on the table,
"yum" Liam said before eating a piece.

A couple of hours later it was 9:30pm and Liam had gone to bed, I texted Emma, Ruth and Nicola,

C: who's ready for tomorrow?!
E: I am!
N: me too!
R: I can't wait!
C: Ahahahaha, do use remember where we're going?
R: your parents beach house
C: yep
E: I'm going to bed, night
N: me too, night
R: same, night
C: night everyone

I put my phone down and went upstairs, Liam was snoring lightly, I lied down next to him and soon enough fell asleep...

"Get up!" I heard Emma yell in my ear, "what time is it?" I asked her still half asleep,
"it's 10:00am on the day of your bachelorette party!" She answered me in excitement, luckily I packed last night otherwise I would be in strife, I got up, got changed and put my things in the car and in no time at all we were on our way to the beach house.

The whole drive there Emma and I were singing one direction and other songs, after about an hour we finally arrived, Ruth and Nicola were already there, we ran inside and unpacked our stuff, another hour passed and it was lunch time now, 'I wonder what Liam's doing, no Carley, you are not aloud to contact Liam' I thought to myself,
"can we get some lunch now?" Emma whined,
"you sound like Niall" Ruth giggled, "I'll go get some" Nicola smiled before going out to the car.

Another 30 minutes passed and Nicola had gotten back, we had pizza,
"are you excited for your wedding?" Ruth asked me eating a piece of pizza, "of course I am!" I laughed,
well I'm excited too, even if I'm not the bride" Emma giggled, another 3 hours passed with questions being asked and answered, it was now 7:00pm, "geez it's getting late but closer to your wedding" Nicola said, "it is isn't it" I laughed, "let's watch a movie!" Ruth squealed before jumping off the lounge and going over to the movies, she chose 'grown ups'.

By the end of the movie I was the only one awake, the others crashed out in about the middle of the movie, I got up, got some milk and came back into the lounge room, I turned the tv off and went on Facebook for a bit, (the only thing Liam doesn't have), I stayed on my phone for about another 30 minutes until I fell asleep

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