Chapter 47

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"Today's the day, the day I get married to the love of my life, the day little girls dream about" I said smiling to myself, "Come on Carley, we need to go get To Lou's so she can do our hair and Lottie can do our make up!" Emma said smiling, it was about 5 in the morning and the wedding starts at 10am, I wiped my hands on my jeans and walked out,
"Ruth and Nicola have already gone" Emma said getting some things ready, you might have realised that I changed my dress and shoes, well, I realised that it's gonna be hard walking on sand in high heels, oh, and the dress?, I liked this one better so I swapped them.

We finally got to Lou's house, Ruth and Nicola had already had their hair done, I walked over to Lou and told her to just curl it and pin a few pieces back, after that it was Emma's turn, whilst Emma was getting her hair done I went and get my makeup done by Lottie, "how you feeling?" She asked,
"a little bit nervous" I answered, I would have smiled but she was doing my makeup so,
"I bet ya Liam's gonna be nervous too" she smiled,
"I know he will" I smiled back.

Lottie finally finished my makeup, it was already 9:30, I walked over to my room I stayed in and got my dress and brought it out, everyone looked at it in awe,
"it's amazing" Lou smiled,
"now come on girly and I'll help you get it on" Emma said smiling, she finally finished helping me put my dress on, I walked out slowly, everyone smiled at me,
"let's go get your flower crown on" Lou smiled at me, she put it on perfectly, I put my shoes on and it was already 9:46, I picked up my bouquet and walked out he door, the girls following.

A couple of minutes later the limos arrived, Emma was in my one and Ruth and Nicola were in the other one, it was a 5 minute drive to our wedding,
"are you excited?" Emma asked me,
"of course I am" I laughed,
"where here miss" I heard the driver tell me, I looked out the window to see everyone sitting down, Liam standing under the archway smiling, Lux went first because she was the flower girl, then Theo because he was the ring bearer and then Ruth with Niall, Nicola with Harry and Emma with Louis, it was finally my turn to go, I got out of the car and walked to my dad who was waiting for me, I put my arm in his and started walking, Liam looked at me the whole time with a huge smile on his face, we got to the end of the isle, "you'll always be my first love dad" I whispered in his ear before kissing his cheek.

I stood in front of Liam with a massive smile on my face, I looked at everyone, my mum had tears in her eyes, Liam's parents had a massive smile on their faces, everyone was looking at us with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.

"do you, Liam James Payne, take Carley Sophia Miller to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, through illness and health until death do you part?"
"I do" Liam sad before putting my ring on
"and do you, Carley Sophia Miller, take Liam James Payne, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, through illness and health, until death do you part?"
"I do" I said before putting the ring on his finger
" you may now kiss the bride"
At them words Liam's lips smashed into mine and pulled me into a passionate kiss, we pulled away and smiled at each other before walking down the isle, hand in hand, everyone clapping, music in the background, it is true, your wedding day is the happiest day of your life.

After that we went back into the limo so we could go and have our wedding pictures, we went to a beautiful lake, about an hour later we arrived at the surf club, it was filled with light blue balloons, tables, presents, food and people, it was amazing, we walked over to the table we were meant to sit at and sat down.

About 30 minutes later it was time for the speeches, first was my dad,
"Hi everyone, I'm George, well, I can't believe it finally happened, my lovely daughters married to a caring young man, it feels like only yesterday we brought you home from the hospital, I still remember your first day of school and you came home and your school dress was muddy and ripped, well, I've been babbling on for a while now, I just hope that use have the best life together" my dad finished with tears in his eyes before leaving the stage.

A few speeches later it was time for the present opening, we got a lot of presents, the music started playing so we went over to the dance floor, a few hours of dancing later a slow song came on, I went over to my dad and rested my head on his shoulder,
"I love you dad" I said smiling, a few more dances with Liam and my friends later it was time for the cake, we both held the handle and cut it before kissing, we took a piece each and shoved it in each others face, after everyone had finished their cake it was time to throw the bouquet,
"3 2 1" I counted down before throwing it, I turned around to see The bouquet in a very happy Emma's hands.
"Well done mate" Louis smiled at Liam before coming over to me,
"welcome to the family" he smiled at me before pulling me into a hug, then Niall hugged both of us and Harry gave us tight hugs each.

A couple of hours later, people were drunk, we made memories, we had fun but it was time for us to leave for our honeymoon, everyone put their arms up like an archway and Liam and I ran through it, hand in hand, smiled on our faces before running out of the club...


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