"Well, just before you got in the accident, he collapsed so we had to rush him into the hospital and...and" Emma burst into tears as she collapsed on the floor. I knelt down to comfort my friend, even if it did hurt my legs a little,
"So, is he going to be ok?" I asked, rubbing my hand up and down her back,
"we're...we're not sure yet..." Emma replied wiping tears from her eyes, "well, are you aloud to see him yet?" I asked as I helped my friend to her knees,
"I think so" Emma said,
"well let's go see him?" I asked with hope in my eyes, as we were getting up a nurse came in,
"Miss, you need to get back onto the bed!" She said worriedly,
"Excuse me but my friend has a brother here that she wants to see and I'm going to comfort her" I said with sasiness in my tone,
"Miss you can't leave this room until we have run a few more tests on you" the nurse answered, shuffling towards me eager to get me back in the bed,
"The only bed I'm going in is my own bed in my own room in my own house, now if you'll excuse me..." I said, pulling or the cords that were stuck in my body off before pushing past the nurse, grabbing Emma by the hand before turning around to the nurse and giving her a small, innocent smile before closing the door, leaving her in awe.

As we both walked out of the room Liam watched from behind, a massive smile on his face, as the nurse walked over to him,
"I'd get your girlfriend some help if I were you" she answered before pushing past him,
"And if watch your mouth if I were you" he answered back as the nurse turned around and glared at him before slamming the door.

Liam walked over to the chair and retrieved his jacket when all of a sudden his phone started ringing, he picked it up and it was Harry,
"hey Harry, what's up?" He asked
"Can you come over, right now?" He asked,
"I want you to meet someone",
"alright, I'm on my way!" Liam replied confused.

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