"WHAT!?" I screamed falling down and clenching my knees to my chest, Harry and Niall come and comfort me while I lie there, tears all over Louis's shirt, it was around 1am and I realised, it was Louis's birthday, what a great way to start your birthday, getting hunt down by one of your best friends, but the thing is, I felt guilty for it happening.

I tried calling Louis and Liam multiple times but they didn't answer.What if Liam has already got Louis, next thing I know I get pulled out of my train of thought by a door opening hand slamming closed, I turned to see Louis with his back against the door, but he looked puffed and tired,
"are you ok, what happened?!"I asked getting up and hugging him, taking his face in my hands and examining it,
"yea, I was at the shop looking for carrots and other things then next thing I know Liam walked through the door, and he didn't look happy and you know Liam when he's not happy, no way did I wanna go near him in that mood otherwise I might get punched so I tried sneaking out of the shop but he spotted me and started running at me, so I ran and got in my car and drove back here" he answered sitting down on the lounge, placing his hands on his knees as he shrugged.

I sat down next him and gave him a curious look, my head in my hands as my eyebrows furrowed together,
"What are you looking at me like that for?" Louis asked raising his eyebrows,
"If you went to the shops why didn't you bring anything back?" I said in a curious voice,
"Well like he said, Liam kinda came running at him so you really think he would want to stay and get a carrot?" Harry butted in from the kitchen in a 'duh' tone,
"Well I'm going to go find him" I said getting up,
"No your not" Niall said grabbing my wrist,
"Let me go, I have to find him" I said pulling myself out of Niall's grip, going to the door and opening it, a lone tear ran down my face just thinking about what he's doing,
"You can't go!" The boys said in unison trying to stop me,
"it's because of me he's like this so I have to fix it" I said running out of the door leaving the boys behind...

Authors note:
Hey guys, please don't say anything about Louis's birthday bit, I know that it's not his birthday but I started writing this chapter on his birthday but didn't get to finish it until today so yea, and sorry if this is a short chapter, I haven't really had any ideas lately,anyways don't forget to like, share and comment!!

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