Liam was really trying to avoid this question,
"ahh, do you need a drink?" He asked, sweat dripping down his face,
"no Liam, I want you to tell me who she is",
"ahhhh, fine" he said finally giving in, "well uhh, how can I say this, she's sort of an ex?" He said making it sound like a question,
"what do you mean by 'an ex'?" I asked giving him a confused look,
He took a deep breath in, "well, when you were in the coma, I started drinking, a lot, and I mean A LOT, because I thought it was my fault that this happened to you, one night I got over the top of what I normally get and I ended up hooking up with a girl, I didn't know I was because I was drunk, I promise, so I found out that the girl I hooked up with is that nurse, I'm so sorry" he said with tears in his eyes, one falling down his cheek,
"but, why?" I said with tears in my eyes now,
"like I said, I didn't know!" He yelled, running out of the room leaving me alone,
"I guess you found out" the nurse came in smirking,
"get out of my face you poor excuse for a human!" I yelled, she looked shocked before a smirk came to her face as she walked out of the room.

A couple of weeks later I was soon released, as soon I was released I went home, all of the two weeks I was in hospital I couldn't stop thinking about Liam, he didn't come to visit in those 2 weeks, the boys did a couple times and Emma did about once  but I guess he didn't mean to do it, it just, happened. I walked in the door to see Liam sitting on the lounge, I dropped the bags I had taken home and ran to him,
"I missed you" I said hugging him, he looked shock,
"will you forgive me?" He whispered looking down at me,
"of course I will silly" I said looking at him smiling,
"your smile is the thing that lightens my world up" I heard him whisper as he put his chin on my head and let out a small chuckle,
"and your laugh is the things I always look forward to every day" I said burying my head into his chest more...

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