"Liam, I can explain!" I yelled running after him, he stopped and turned around, I wasn't paying attention and ran into his broad chest, looking up at him, he had tears in his eyes and so did I,
"go on, please explain" he said trying to sound angry and impatient but I could tell he was heartbroken,
"he kissed me, I didn't kiss him" I said walking towards him,
"where have I heard that before?" He said raising an eyebrow,
"I actually mean it" I said,tears falling down my face,
"how do I know your not lying?" He asked with tears still in his eyes,
"you don't" I answered quietly,
"I was the one who kissed her" I heard Louis's voice say as he came up behind me putting his hand on my shoulder, "don't touch her!" Liam hissed at Louis, Louis took his hand off my shoulder, "why'd you do it?" Liam asked Louis sternly,
"I don't know" Louis said quietly, all of a sudden Liam's hand was around Louis's throat,
"what did you say?" Liam said raising an eyebrow with anger in his eyes,
"I don't know!" Louis yelled, Liam punched him in the gut, then Louis punched him in the jaw getting him to loosen his grip enough to be able to get out of his grip, Louis fell to the floor, I knelt on my knees to see if he was ok but I felt a tight grip on my arm, I looked up to see Liam, he pulled me up quickly and pushed me away.

Out of no where he punched Louis again, I jumped on his back,
"stop it!" I yelled hitting my fists on Liam's back with tears in my eyes, suddenly all the boys came running in and pulled me off Liam,
"make him stop!" I screamed with tears in my eyes still, I saw Harry and Niall trying to get Liam off of Louis, I sat on the ground and cried into my knees, Emma knelt down next to me and comforted me, all I could hear was yelling and screaming,
"Stop it! Stop!" I screamed again putting my hands over my ears, I had finally had enough, I got up and ran, I heard Emma yelling my name but I ignored it,I ran around the corridors looking for the way out, I finally saw a light and I ran to it, it led me out to the back of someone's house, I saw a park and ran over to it.

I looked up to the sky and saw stars, I sat on the soft grass at the bottom of a tree and I pulled my knees up to my chin and started crying, 'this is all my fault, if Liam never met me none of this would of happened', I thought to myself as I cried harder, what a great night, sitting under a tree at who knows what time at night crying to myself...

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