I woke up in a hospital bed and I freaked out, I was about to scream but Liam and Emma came bursting in the door with tears in their eyes and hugged me tightly,
"What am I doing here!?" I shouted , "You were in a car accident" Emma told me,
"How long have I been asleep for!?" I asked confused,
"A couple weeks I think?" Emma said looking at Liam,
"And don't ever scare me like that again!" Liam shouted softly, hugging me tightly, he looked horrible, his hair was a mess, he had bags under his eyes making it look like he hadn't slept in ages and it looked like he hadn't eaten in a while too,
"Why?" I teased trying to lighten up the mood,
"Are you seriously teasing me?" Liam smirked, raising an eyebrow,
"I don't know, am I?" I smiled innocently,
"So seriously, why do you care?" I asked with a curious smile,
"Because I think I love you" Liam mumbled,
"What was that?" I teased again,
"I love you!" Liam shouted blushing and then putting his hands over his mouth, I was stunned by his outburst, I felt my face burn up as my face turned a crimson red,
"Really?" I asked,
"Yea" he mumbled rubbing the back of his neck,
"Well, this is awkward, I'm gonna go before, uh, yea.." Liam said quietly, walking towards the door,
"It's ok because, I love you too" I said smiling, Liam turned around with a wide smile on his face.

"Hold on, where's my Mum!?" I said in a panic,
"She's fine she only has a few cuts and bruises" Emma said in a calming voice,
"Oh, I almost forgot, how's your brother?!" I asked alarmed,
"Oh, uh, he could be better" Emma said stopping herself from crying,
"Did you find out what was wrong with him?" I asked placing my hand on her shoulder,
"uhh, h-he has liver failure" she said quietly while she sobbed softly, "What!!!, how!?,When!?" I stuttered in shock, pulling her into a hug, I had so many questions,
"I'll tell you" she sobbed, her green eyes meeting mine...

Authors note:

Hey guys! so I've changed it to 1 or 2 a day because I didn't realise how busy I was so I hope your enjoying the story so far and tell all your friends (that like Liam of course) and get them to read it! so don't forget to comment like and keep reading! luv ya xx

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