I woke up to everyone packing bags and rushing around, they must of been getting ready for the plane ride later today, I sat up, rubbed my eyes and stood up,
"good morning" Liam said rushing past and kissing me then running to the bathroom, I got up off the lounge and walked down the hallway, I walked past Louis's room and obviously he was still asleep, I opened the door and quietly walked up to his bed, I waited about 10 seconds then jumped on him,
"wake up Louis!" I said jumping up and down laughing,
"ok, ok I'm up!" He said sitting up laughing,
"well get up and get your stuff together because we have to leave in a hour" I said walking out of the room,
"oh, and by the way, fix your hair" I said walking out of the room laughing as he tried fixing his bed hair.

A hour later we were all in the car and driving to the airport, it was going to take us about a hour and a half to get there so we had some time to relax, Louis was driving, Niall in the passenger seat, Harry in the back with Luke and Liam and I in the far back, Luke and Harry had fallen asleep, Niall was in the front pigging out on a packet of chips and Louis was singing to Sorry by Justin Bieber, I rested my head on Liam's shoulder and looked up at him,
" Carley?" He asked,
"hmm" I mumbled,
"have you spoken to Emma lately?" He asked,
"no, why?" I said raising an eyebrow,
"I think you should give her a call and see how she's coping with her brothers passing" he said with his voice full of concern,
"Ok." I answered with a nod.

I took me phone out of my pocket and called Emma,
"Uhh, hey Emma, it's Carley"
"Oh, hi"
"So how are you coping with the thing about your brother?"
" just fine"
"That's good"
"Yea, I've gotta go so I might call you later, bye Carley"
"Bye Emma."
Liam smiled at me then looked out the car window, I smiled and put my head back on his shoulder and fell asleep.

When I woke up we were at the airport, we were getting our luggage out of the back of the car when all of a sudden a huge group of paparazzi surrounded us, Liam put his jumper over my head and picked up my suitcase, Niall was at the front leading us around the paparazzi, then Liam and I, Harry carrying Luke behind us and Louis at the back following behind, we all boarded the plane and the door closed, we sat down in our seats and gave out a loud sigh, I could hear Luke crying and Harry calming him down, the plane ride was going to take another 5 hours so I put a toy story on on one of those tvs that are in the back of the plane seats, Liam looked so cute while he was watching it, I lied back and closed my eyes, smiling thinking about how lucky I was to have met Liam and the rest of his friends....

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