The picture above is the bride and bridesmaid dresses and shoes Carley chose :D (I'm bad at describing things so I just made this with polyvore :3 )

The next morning I woke up and walked out into the kitchen, I got myself a hot chocolate and turned the tv on, a few moments later Liam woke up and walked out into the kitchen, getting a cup of coffee,
"so what are you planing on doing today?" I heard him ask from the kitchen,
"well, Emma, Ruth, Nicola and I are going dress shopping" I called back, "well any dress you choose I know you will be an amazing and gorgeous bride" I heard him say as he walked over to me, placing a kiss on my cheek,
"you know you don't have to lie to make me feel special" I pouted,
"I swear on my life I'm not lying" he said putting his hand of his heart, I rolled my eyes before giggling.

*later that day*

"So here we are" Emma smiled,
"well let's hurry up and get inside" Nicola giggled, we went inside to meet a young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes,
"hi, I'm Rachel" she smiled, "and I'm guessing use are looking for some dresses?" She asked laughing,
"yes please" we nodded in unison.

"So, what one of you pretty lady's are the bride to be?" Rachel asked as we walked to the changing rooms, I put my hand up smiling,
"well, good luck" she smiled as she went back to the front of the store after showing us which change room we would be in, I'd already chosen out the bridesmaid dresses and shoes so all I needed to do was choose my dress and shoes, after about an hour of looking and changing in and out of dresses, "this one" I finally smiled as I looked down at the dress and spun around,
"in this dress I feel like a princess" I whispered to myself but I guess Ruth heard me because she said,
"and you look like one", I smiled in response. Afterwards, I went back into the changing rooms and got back into my normal clothes.

When we arrived home I had to hide the dress so Liam wouldn't see it, I hid it in my dresser because Liam never looks in there, an hour later Liam had arrived home from getting his suit I'm guessing, I saw him out of the corner of my eye sneak past with something behind his back, I didn't worry about it, after a bit of clashing and clanging coming from our room he finally came downstairs,
"so, how was the dress shopping?" He asked smiling,
"it was fine" I said raising an eyebrow, "what's that look for?" He asked,
"oh, nothing" I smiled as I looked back at the tv, we ended up watching movies for a while...

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