We stood in a corridor looking for a way to get out, we'd been in here for about 3 hours now trying to find a way out, I was still in Louis's arms,
"where's Liam?" I asked, my voice shaking because of the cold,
"we don't know Carley" Harry said sounding sorry and nervous,
"I want the truth" I said sternly,
"uhhh, well uhhh" Niall said with sweat dripping down his forehead,
"he had some business to attend to" Harry said, everyone groaned and gave him a angry look,
"he had to go deal with Zayn" Louis said with no emotion at all,
"that's all you had to say" I said looking at them blinking twice,
"CARLEY!" we heard a yell, I winced at sound of the voice that belonged to Zayn,
"run" I heard Harry say before we all started running.

We all started running down corridors, it felt like one of them moments where the final countdown or something would start playing, (of course I have to make a joke at the most inappropriate time), I heard footsteps getting closer behind us, I turned and looked over Louis's shoulder but couldn't see anyone, I looked up at Louis but instead I saw an oh so familiar face,it was Zayn, I screamed while trying to squirm out of his hands, his face filled with satisfaction,
"Help! Help!" I screamed, tears rolling out of my eyes,
"Carley?!" I heard a faint voice say,
I blink and it was Louis again, he was looking at me with a confused and worried face,
"are you ok?" He asked quietly while panting due to him still running,
"but-but-but, you were just Z-Zayn a-and-" I stuttered, he stopped in his tracks and looked at me with a worried face,
"guys, we have a problem" Louis said as the other guys stopped and turned to look at him,
"she's hallucinating" he said and all the boys looked worried and angry,
"what's going on?" I asked looking at them confused,
"he drugged you Carley" Niall said looking at me with a straight face, I winced as a high pitched scream rang through my ears, I gasped adI recognised it,

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