Chapter 1 - "Let's just hope I do."

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Chapter One - "Let's just hope I do."

      Pure white sunlight filtered through the barred window ten feet above the ground, making it impossible for me to ever see what lies just outside. I have my theories; maybe a desert, maybe a forest. For hours I would sit, straining to hear anything coming from outside, but never once labeled anything. The occasional bird would fly nearby the dusty glass. I knew some people were able to figure out where they were by naming a type of bird - I was never good at remembering which bird was which, though. All I knew is they were white, with yellow breast, and black spots. Sometimes I’d imagine they had come to rescue me, and were bringing me the keys to my cell. Yes, it was quite silly, but that became my life; silly dreams. Dreams were all I had now. And, with the aid of the drugs, my dreams could be as wild and free as I wanted them to be.

My gaze tore away from the window when I heard the first scream this morning, signaling they were starting their rounds. Most of the other prisoners still tried to fight The Labcoats, (my name for them), whereas the rest of us just accepted what was coming. There was no way to get away, and even if there were, where would we go? Surly they would catch us. Sometimes, if we were good, they would let us out for ‘recess’ as they liked to call it. I’ve never met the girl down the hall, because she always screams. My neighbor, ‘Caine’ was a smart man. He used to be a doctor before they brought him here. He told me he had overheard The Labcoats talking one day, saying we were successfully hooked on the drugs they were feeding us.

“So even if we do get out, we’ll still need the drugs?” I had asked him.

His mouth was pressed into a thin line, his cigarette sitting idly between his pale lips. With a grim look, he shook his head. “I don’t know.”

The screams continued down the hall, growing closer and closer to me, until I heard them open Caine’s cell. “Good morning, Caine.” The Labcoat said brightly. I heard him reply politely, wanting his cigarettes for today, before allowing the ‘doctors’ access to his median cubital vein. Before long they were unlocking my door and stepping inside. Today it was two men, which made me very nervous. The man on the right held the usual syringe containing black liquid, while the man on the left held one with a slightly gold liquid, silver flecks swimming gracefully inside the large tube.

“Today, you’ll be trying something new for us, Hero.” The first Labcoat said.

My brow creased, “For the last time, my name isn’t Hero, its Rhylee!” Before I could finish, the Labcoats nodded to each other and grabbed both of my arms. They each positioned the needles at my veins, ready for entrance. I was very nervous; I didn’t know what this second medicine was or what it would do to me. I thrashed in their arms, trying to escape, knowing this is why so many people were screaming today. With one quick piercing of my skin, my body went limp and I fell to the cold tiled floor. The two men watched me twitch and convulse for a while longer before nodding approvingly and walking out the door, locking it loudly behind them.

Nothing. That’s all I felt as I sat in the yard, feeling used and betrayed. It wasn’t anything new; them trying new experiments on me. I just felt violated after each and every dose. The usual sickness heroin induces was still pulsing through my body; sending my stomach into a frenzy. They had offered me food through the metal slot in the door of my cell, but like I do most mornings, I declined.

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