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Slapped By The Receptionist TF4K✔️ by pcristal05011
Slapped By The Receptionist TF4K✔️by Krystal
Kayel Garcia is the kindest out of The F's 4. He has a heart of gold and will give you his all in a relationship. He had a girlfriend once but she broke his heart. Now K...
  • love
  • completed
  • difficult
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Slapping The Mafia Boss {completed} by xzadeas
Slapping The Mafia Boss {completed}by ✿ jughead ✿
"You are coming with me." He states sternly. "I'm not going anywhere until my parents come back." I spit back. He tries to grab me but I back away an...
  • mafia
  • boss
  • inlove
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Love by First Slap  by frankieluv
Love by First Slap by frankieluv
Ivy David is a young woman who is trying to stand up on her fit by doing different part time jobs She is stubborn and hate to be told what to do. Tyler Black a multi bi...
  • threat
  • contract
  • slapped
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Smut Fluff & Other Stuff! by marveluser
Smut Fluff & Other Stuff!by Marvel User
A book filled with smuts, angst, fluff etc. about different fandoms, if you wish to request please either DM me your character from your fandom of choice and what is it...
  • itmovie
  • serialkillers
  • supernatural
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
  • sleeping
  • mitchie
  • john
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He takes both of his hands and opens my legs I try my best trying not to part them but there was no point.He was too strong,he comes in between my legs , he grabs my nec...
  • obsession
  • r-rated
  • content
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LA Devotee//B.U by FaeleciaUrie
LA Devotee//B.Uby Faelecia
"Just another LA Devotee." ~~~ When Faelecia decides to disregard the news, telling the residents to stay in their house, she get's the shock of her life. Wil...
  • slaps
  • ladevotee
  • story
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The Alpha and The Nerd by XAlix33
The Alpha and The Nerdby Ali Or Alimaya
My wolf howled in sadness and It hurt so much that I left school. I never ditched school but who cares now! I got home and throughout the whole walk everything attacked...
  • mom
  • slapping
  • rejection
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Save me Mr.Mafia (Being Rewritten) by AsianWriterxX
Save me Mr.Mafia (Being Rewritten)by Michelle....and Duck
Tori Haven is the quiet girl at school. People mistake her as a mute since they never heard her use her voice. She has a voice, it's just that she has nothing to say. On...
  • rejection
  • derek
  • slapping
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This is a story about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic she's struggling to make him see sense to stop drinking he can be abusive towards her sometimes but...
  • sexy
  • swearing
  • ignorance
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Savvy&Sleazy|| A Taekook Smut by pixiejoonie
Savvy&Sleazy|| A Taekook Smutby lovely, isnt it?
"Gonna be a good boy for me, baby?" Taehyung murmured against his skin and fuck, Jungkook is in too deep. - or in which tae gets back at his ex-girlfriend by f...
  • seokjin
  • blackwoman
  • taehyung
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Confinement {HS} Editing (No Plot Change) by Hazza8Boo
Confinement {HS} Editing (No Haz♡Boo
Prison cells are suppose to be girls with girls and boys with boys right? Well when there is an odd amount of each and only one remaining cell, things change. Veronica g...
  • confinement
  • prison
  • harrystyles
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It's Love (BEING REWRITTEN) by iz_erinn
It's Love (BEING REWRITTEN)by .+*e r i n*+.
Eyy @univerxee and I will be rewriting, and continuing this story. :>
  • lovestory
  • random
  • kaka
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Sasunaru with teen Naruto and adult Sasuke (Chapters) by semesasu
Sasunaru with teen Naruto and semesasu
So the first chapters kinda show a bitch-daddy relation but they will eventually also have strong love at some point ^^ This story is inspired by a roleplay i had with a...
  • seme
  • sexy
  • lust
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A Daydream Away by beautifulremains17
A Daydream Awayby Britt
Please don’t look over here. Don’t notice me. I silently pleaded, but as always luck was against me because I suddenly found myself staring into a familiar pair of sea g...
  • los
  • love
  • singing
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don't call me that √ by cyberbum
don't call me that √by ××
Girls love assholes because deep in their hopeless romantic little souls, they have this fantasy to be the one that changes them "Last time I tried kissing you, it...
  • bestfriends
  • hayleywilliams
  • cuddling
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Once More by ringingthebell
Once Moreby Iris Bell
A way for me to stop bottling up my feelings.
  • one
  • witch
  • script
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Spy IMing by -ANDI-
Spy IMingby Andi
Fan Fiction for the Gallagher Girls series. Cammie "the Chameleon" Morgan and her friends are introduced to an online chat program for spies only right before...
  • boyfriend
  • grant
  • boy
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You'll be the Death of Me (Afterdeath Story~) by ActualGarbageee
You'll be the Death of Me ( endless pAIN :'D
Amazing cover by Meeperspeeperslovecandy on Tumblr! Mkaymkay so this is an Afterdeath Lemon with my oWN FANTASIES because no one else had the same ones as me. So I deci...
  • actualstory
  • kissuuuu
  • idkwhatelse
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I Slapped The Player by tragicwonders
I Slapped The Playerby Megan Garner
Grace Freeman is the type of girl who mostly keeps to herself, listens to music 24/7, and spends her day reading. She'll always have her headphones on and a book in her...
  • player
  • boy
  • mustread
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