Chapter 7 - "You don't love me, you love the drug inside me."

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 Chapter 7 "You don't love me, you love the drug inside me."

My eyes opened slowly, though it felt like they weren’t opening at all; the darkness that filled the room around me with thick and unrelenting. I tried to search the area for any kind of light, but there wasn’t anything. My legs and arms wouldn’t move; constricted by something. I called for someone to come get me, for someone to get me out of here or even just turn on a light. Someone must have heard me, because all of a sudden a blinding light came on over me. I had to close my eyes, the light making my mind surge.

Footsteps sounded across the hard floor, tapping in the stillness of the room, the only other sound being the chains and buckles around my feet, clinking every time I struggled. The footsteps grew closer, but I couldn’t open my eyes to look. “Hello, Hero.” Someone spoke.

“Why am I here?” I blurted; my voice still thick with sleep. “Where am I?”

“Your behavior is to blame for your first question. And as for your second; you’ll soon find out. No clues though,” He joked. “I think the operation will be enough of a clue – oops.” The man chuckled at his own sick joke before walking around to my other side. My eyes were beginning to get used to the light, but I still couldn’t focus on the man.

“I didn’t do anything!” I yelled, struggling more with my restraints.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk; stop wriggling around, Hero, you look like a weakling. And we both know that’s not true… How did you break that window, Hero? Have you been building up your muscles? How did you do that, Hero?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re even talking about! I didn’t break any windows. Just let me go!” I pulled at my right arm, but the buckled and chained leather was too tight to even move up or down my wrist.

“Don’t lie to me.” The harsh voice rang close to my ear; he was leaning close to me. “You threw that chair at the window and it broke. How did you do that? That chair isn’t nearly strong enough to break a plexi-glass window, Hero.” He hissed.

The memories rushed back to me quickly; Robert telling me he had just bought a new car, instead of bargaining with someone to get me out of here. I got angry with him, and threw a chair at my door, which apparently shattered the small window…but how? That chair couldn’t have done that. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about! The chair was light, and I’m sorry for throwing it, I didn’t think it would break anything or hurt anyone…I was just angry.”

“’Sorry’ isn’t going to pay for my window, Hero!” The voice boomed, and a hand slammed down on the table I was laying on, right next to my head.

My eyes finally opened, seeing I was in an all-white room, which didn’t seem to have any doors or windows. The blinding light above shone directly down on me; lying on a white table – not wearing my white shirt and shorts, but a thick medical gown. I was chained down by my arms and legs, face to face with Dr. Allen…

“Dr, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to – I didn’t know it would ever do that!”

He obviously didn’t believe me, instead, he walked back around the table I was lying on and began playing with silver instruments, standing just a foot away from me that I hadn’t noticed. “Since you don’t seem to understand your own strength, as well as us, I’m going to do a bit of…discovering. Shall we, Hero?”

He then picked up a scalpel, about as big as my thumb. I squirmed even more; knowing what was happening… “No, please! Don’t!” I begged, but he only came closer. The cold metal touched my skin, making tears burst from my eyes. “NO!”

“Dr. Allen!” Someone shouted, bursting through a door that seemed to just appear from the wall. “Don’t – there’s something we must discuss!”

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