Always Get What I Want. by clknutson
Always Get What I clknutson
Jessica. An 18 year old girl living at home in order to take care of her little sister. In the day and age that jessica lives in, America is run by the government, who i...
  • protective
  • abandoned
  • changeofheart
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A Mob Boss's Heirs (Book 3 of New York Mafia Trilogy) by royal888
A Mob Boss's Heirs (Book 3 of Sarah Royal (Royal888)
Fiction Awards Winner in 2017 & Crystal Awards Winner 2016 Please read this book after Book 2: A Mob Boss's family but also this book does make sense o...
  • cruel
  • action
  • ceo
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A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy) by royal888
A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 Sarah Royal (Royal888)
Fiction Awards Winner 2016 in General Fiction Category Edited version of this book is only available on radish app. If you have the radish app, please read this book on...
  • gangster
  • love
  • mob
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Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helperby syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
  • demons
  • murder
  • sadist
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She's the Hybrid | ✔ by xitsmeRemi
She's the Hybrid | ✔by Remi
For her whole life, Michaela Brisbane has always known something was different about herself. Her whole life, she was hidden from the truth of it all. Even a destiny she...
  • dangerous
  • brisbane
  • alphablood
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A Mob Boss's Family (Book 2 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy) by royal888
A Mob Boss's Family (Book 2 Of Sarah Royal (Royal888)
(Highest Rank: #1 General fiction, 23rd June 2016) This is the second book in the New York Mafia Series and sequel to A Mob Boss's First Love. Please Read Book1: A Mob B...
  • billionaire
  • mafia
  • mob
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Late For My 105 Year Old Mate by DeeDe_CoCo
Late For My 105 Year Old Mateby Delia
Alpha Phoenix Scar is the toughest Werewolf/Alpha in the country and had just found his "mate" after waiting for 105 years. As a celebration he decided to hold...
  • zodiac
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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DEATH SCHOOL (Under Construction) by elyengzai
DEATH SCHOOL (Under Construction)by Lyzle Rico
HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVE - #2 in Brutal Category - HELL IS EMPTY. ALL THE DEVIL IS HERE - Humanda ka na Isusunod ka na niya Wag kang maingay Nang 'di ka mapatay Manatili kan...
  • bloody
  • killer
  • love
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Brutal | J•B by XbabyGilinskyX
Brutal | J•Bby ✗✗✗
bru·tal ˈbro͞odl/ adjective savagely violent. "a brutal murder" synonyms: savage, cruel, vicious, ferocious, brutish, barbaric, barbarous, wicked, murderous, b...
  • kinky
  • wattys2017
  • dylanobrien
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Challenging The Alpha (Wattys2016) COMPLETED by jordangranzow
Challenging The Alpha (Wattys2016) JordanGranzow
Highest ranking #14 as of 12/20/16 WARNING: This story is not all lovey dovey, it's raw, brutal, and is filled with plot holes, now don't comment and remind me. TONS OF...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • dominance
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Dark Prince by TroyGonzales20
Dark Princeby Arvin Troy Gonzales
The story starts with an angel that disobeyed God's order, then planned to kill God and replace him and take all over the other realms, worlds and universe, But there ar...
  • siblings
  • creatures
  • monsters
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I Am His Slave by blue_12Right
I Am His Slaveby blue_12Right
She was on the floor looking straight down at her feet. How could this happen to her, how could her family been in so much trouble that she would be traded into a world...
  • human
  • explicit
  • everything
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Fate of Existence |Book 1| EDITING by -S-N-O-
Fate of Existence |Book 1| EDITINGby Sno
Lance Hallen is nothing short of unsociable. He is rude, ill-tempered, and can become quite violent when he feels it is necessary. Much like everyone else, he questions...
  • ending
  • brutal
  • friend
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His Baby: The sequel by jewel_louise
His Baby: The sequelby Jewel Louise
...Alex just glares at me without responding. I slam the rest of my clothes into the bag. "I'm leaving." I declare out loud like it wasn't obvious. His hard i...
  • badboy
  • brutal
  • anger
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The Origins: Project Ghost by marqueznj
The Origins: Project Ghostby Quezz
Jason Black... A cold hearted killer that uses his extremely trained skills in combat and weaponry as a assassin for hire. He enjoys the thrill of hunting and killing th...
  • brutal
  • mature
  • killing
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Bungou Stray Dogs (Various x Reader) by azuosa
Bungou Stray Dogs (Various x ・a l o n e・
Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス) a newest coolest anime with lots of hot bois //choked Hiiii Hiiii Welcome thank you for you time reading this book. The characters will be...
  • bungoustraygogs
  • brutal
  • akutagawa
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Sugar and Lemons by Thandiempofu
Sugar and Lemonsby Thandiempofu
**ATTENTION*** Because we face much more in life than a simple heartbreak, because it is not as easy as most people paint it out to be, and mostly because right now we a...
  • strength
  • heartbreak
  • fire
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The Evil Rant And Review Book by Wimbug
The Evil Rant And Review Bookby Stef
[CLOSED FOR REVIEWS] Do you dare enter my realm? No, really, I mean it, do you? Formerly The Evil Reading Request List, this has turned into a showcase of nasty...
  • youaskiread
  • request
  • wattys2016
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PHAT GIRL 2(Plus size) by Lonshayia_
PHAT GIRL 2(Plus size)by Lonshayia_
Jasmine has been kidnapped and Jay is going to do anything to get her back. He already knows Raheem has her he's just waiting on his moment. Jay struggles to keep his se...
  • plussize
  • betrayal
  • love
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NeNe by PakwanQueenx
NeNeby Alexa Hera PQ
  • nene
  • spg
  • brutal
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