Silent Whispers by h6ss3op
Silent Whispersby h6ss3op
Enter the horrific life of a young teenager girl, when she's trafficked. What happens to her, how will she survive? Will she ever be saved, or is she doomed to those who...
  • violence
  • blood
  • help
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The Brutal Beast (MANAN)✔️ Completed by laughingpearls
The Brutal Beast (MANAN)✔️ laughingpearls
#Best Dark Fan Fiction Award I don't hate you but I hate myself for still loving you....... People say relationship is based on the foundation of trust but how far is i...
  • revengemarriage
  • dark
  • intense
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Married to Mr. Criminal by Autumn_touched
Married to Mr. Criminalby ♡Kri♡
Zachary Wilson can easily be defined by few names like Ruthless, cold hearted, unlovable criminal. He kills to live and lives to kill. Every dark business first passes t...
  • forgiveness
  • hate
  • healwithlove
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Prisonera Amor by rat129
Prisonera Amorby rat129
Novel ini mengisahkan tentang seorang gadis tomboy bernama Ray aka Raisya. Seorang anak yatim piatu. Dibesarkan di rumah anak yatim Kurnia Kasih. Berkerja sebagai, mekan...
  • heartless
  • cruel
  • abducted
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Always Get What I Want. by clknutson
Always Get What I clknutson
Jessica. An 18 year old girl living at home in order to take care of her little sister. In the day and age that jessica lives in, America is run by the government, who i...
  • boss
  • changeofheart
  • innocent
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Grieving Hearts (Completed) by rickydonna7
Grieving Hearts (Completed)by Ricky Donna
#2 in ChickLit [as of 7 August, 2018] #4 in ROMANCE [as of 14 February, 2018] Formerly: I Will Make You Mine...Again ............... Agustin DeLuca looked at the photos...
  • chicklit
  • hate
  • guilt
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Sem querer, Fiel. by GuiGui_Felipe
Sem querer, Anoni_mato
!!! PLÁGIO É CRIME !!! Conheça a história de Isabela, no auge dos seus 15 anos, foi envolvida em coisas perigosas. Essa história será TOTALMENTE MINHA! Nada aqui foi peg...
  • drama
  • morte
  • br
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Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helperby syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
  • satan
  • evil
  • daemon
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Schizoid ⚣tk  by Fluffy-Tae
Schizoid ⚣tk by ✿
"Don't regret it. You choose me, who's dangerous but sweet. You can't escape anymore, I'll be the only one who can ruin you and save you. I'll be your paradise.&qu...
  • 18
  • taekook
  • taehyung
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DEATH SCHOOL (Under Construction) by elyengzai
DEATH SCHOOL (Under Construction)by Lyzle Rico
HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVE - #2 in Brutal Category Humanda ka na Isusunod ka na niya Wag kang maingay Nang 'di ka mapatay Manatili kang tahimik Para buhay mo'y tatagal pa Nand...
  • sacrifice
  • pain
  • gore
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flower reviews / closed for catch up by queen_of_sass
flower reviews / closed for manasha sahana
A review book by a girl who reads too much, loves English to a point of insanity and fancies herself a reviewer. Enter for constructive criticism, reviews and honest t...
  • brutal
  • review
  • honest
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His Possession {Boy×Boy}√ by Akihito_Rin
His Possession {Boy×Boy}√by Akihito_Rin
"You are mine baby! Don't even dare to even think of escaping from me!" He said as he approached me "Stay away from me!" I shout. "Don't ask for...
  • violence
  • dominant
  • kidnap
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Killer Teachers by WhiteShady_11
Killer Teachersby Xyrel_Xyx
Sa school na ang no. 1 rule ay bawal ang bobo dapat matalino, mabubuhay ka pa kaya? Magtatagal ka ba? Gaano katagal? Papasok ka ba? Because what you thought a dreams uni...
  • horror
  • murder
  • scary
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A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy) by royal888
A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 Sarah Royal (Royal888)
Fiction Awards Winner 2016 in General Fiction Category Edited version of this book is only available on radish app. If you have the radish app, please read this book on...
  • gangster
  • generalfiction
  • love
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Late For My 105 Year Old Mate by DeeDe_CoCo
Late For My 105 Year Old Mateby Delia
Alpha Phoenix Scar is the toughest Werewolf/Alpha in the country and had just found his "mate" after waiting for 105 years. As a celebration he decided to hold...
  • friendship
  • festival
  • aries
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Dreamer by Ryokuzan
Dreamerby Dominic
Nick Anderson was a 15 year old boy born with a birth defect in his spine that made him completely paralyzed from birth, unable to move anything besides his head. One da...
  • action
  • paralyzed
  • fight
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She's the Hybrid | ✔ by xitsmeRemi
She's the Hybrid | ✔by Remi
For her whole life, Michaela Brisbane has always known something was different about herself. Her whole life, she was hidden from the truth of it all. Even a destiny she...
  • beta
  • brisbane
  • luna
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Beauty and the Hound - Sandor Clegane (Wattys 2018) by feist_saggitarian08
Beauty and the Hound - Sandor Yaamini Nair
A beauty. A she-wolf. A bastard. A lowborn. A fighter. Meela Stark. Lady Stark of Winterfell. Wife of Lord Boutayre. The Heart Stirrer. The Iron Lady. Lady Clegane. The...
  • romancefanfiction
  • love
  • medieval
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Legendy Podsvětí by JoePawlovski
Legendy Podsvětíby JoePawlovski
Já (Joe Pawlovski) a můj bratr Ron Pawlovski jsme patřily k nejrespektovanějším lidem našeho období vlády.Povím vám jak to všechno začalo a jak to skončilo......
  • brutal
  • leggio
  • akce
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The Origins: Project Ghost by marqueznj
The Origins: Project Ghostby Quezz
Jason Black... A cold hearted killer that uses his extremely trained skills in combat and weaponry as a assassin for hire. He enjoys the thrill of hunting and killing th...
  • assassin
  • money
  • mature
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