dolan twins imagines by ughgrayson
dolan twins imaginesby cece♡
self explanatory:) ©ughgrayson
  • ethan
  • dolan
  • dolans
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A Dance With The Flash 。 Barry Allen [1] by tinkertaydust
A Dance With The Flash 。 Barry — TAY.
❝ we could hide away in day light we could go undercover, wait out the sun got a secret side in plain sight where the streets are empty, that's where we run ❞ BOOK ONE...
  • hale
  • grant
  • flash
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Sirens in Seattle by Forever_young325
Sirens in Seattleby B
When pre-med student Mia gets pulled over on her way to school, she doesn't think that the rude Officer Phoenix Adams is anything more than a factor of a bad day. She d...
  • myyouth
  • phoenix
  • city
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Like Father, Like Son by MackieJay
Like Father, Like Sonby Mackie Jay
Cat Logan is a single teen mother with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend and parents that haven't spoken to her since she got herself knocked up at the age of sixteen. She's been...
  • step-parent
  • date
  • music
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Project: Socialize by NightLightLuminus
Project: Socializeby NightLightLuminus
I'm just me. An ordinary high school boy with no girlfriend, not too many friends, and no talent. What I enjoy doing after school is roaming around the halls, hoping th...
  • romantic-comedy
  • revenge
  • humor
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The Art of Falling | Camp NaNo by EmSlough
The Art of Falling | Camp NaNoby em | 남 상아
In which the lives of ex-best friends, Somi Han and Joshua Kang, collide once more.
  • fiction
  • newadult
  • featured
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Fevered Heart: A Mayan Love Story by Still_Around
Fevered Heart: A Mayan Love Storyby The_Pessimist
He stood erect upon the carcass, motionless as death, glaring at the lifeless jaguar. Lighting ripped across the sky and thunder shook the earth beneath us and as I took...
  • bwhm
  • tragedy
  • slavery
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No Rest for The Weary| Crystal Gems X Reader by bob2jack
No Rest for The Weary| Crystal Jank
((COVER BY @CARLSRIGHTEYE ON QUOTEV)) Y/n's attempt to be a good person in a wold full of evil backfires and is forced to move to Beach City. Unbeknownst to them, they a...
  • garnet
  • peridot
  • gems
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Steel and Bone 。 Winn Schott by tinkertaydust
Steel and Bone 。 Winn Schottby — TAY.
❝ and I feel it running through my veins and I need that fire just to know that I'm awake ❞ A BRAVE HEARTS BOOK supergirl | season one ©tinkertaydust | cover by looking...
  • arrow
  • steel
  • kara
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E N T H R A L | ✓ by awishgrantingfactory
E N T H R A L | ✓by awishgrantingfactory
⌈ ENTHRAL verb ❛capture the fascinated attention of.❜ ⌋ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ✾ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ Six months after graduation, twenty-two-year-old Skyl...
  • boxing
  • newadult
  • projectbadassboys
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Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award Winner) by KatieSpektor
Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award Katie
* A Wattpad Featured book! * ** Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award ** In a world of magic and chaos, seventeen-year-old Lannie Brackenbury has only ev...
  • fiction
  • safelove
  • friendship
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Becoming the Badass by Writtenrrae
Becoming the Badassby Writtenrrae
*** Kacey Willson had never been the type of girl to brag about her endless wealth or boast about her Einstein-like intelligence, she was the girl who blended; the type...
  • bullied
  • teenfiction
  • teen
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Two Truths (Viral, #2) by TahliePurvis
Two Truths (Viral, #2)by Tahlie
[standalone] "It's the law of the jungle. Only the ruthless are going to survive." Two Truths is a simple gaming app. Complete the task or one of two truths ab...
  • newadult
  • violence
  • multimedia
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◾Jeremiah Valeska ◾Jerome Valeska Working on doing smut!
  • monaghan
  • valeska
  • wattpride
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believe me || Bradley Simpson. The Vamps by ilovebritstoomuch
believe me || Bradley Simpson. gabrielle
“I don’t care. I need you to say it.” He simply shakes his head letting out a sigh. “I care about you too much, okay?” He whispers looking into my eyes. “And I don’t w...
  • louistomlinson
  • couple
  • love
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Magical Mythix Academy: New Generation  by Lily_Yuuki
Magical Mythix Academy: New Lily Yuuki
MMA: New Generation. Rose Paulyn Smith is my name in mortal world but my real name is Rose Paulyn Alisha Myrillen Lee my real name in immortal world I'm the Long lost...
  • city
  • prince
  • yuuki
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The Country Boy  (BWWM) (BBW) by ShayyWrites
The Country Boy (BWWM) (BBW)by Shay 👸🏽
Mikayla Parker is a seventeen year old girl from Los Angeles, California. Her life changes majorly when she has to move to Mississippi due to her fathers work. Her dad h...
  • bbw
  • city
  • bwwm
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Premier League One Shot by HarryKaneIsMyWorld
Premier League One Shotby Evie Kane
Do you girls dreams about your favourite player but it's doesn't happens in real life? The cover is temporary until I got a cover for this story.
  • liverpool
  • tottenham
  • arsenal
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The Holy Grail of Names by FangirlCrossing
The Holy Grail of Namesby Blackbird
A full archive of names for any rp or book you're writing! I find myself scowering the internet for names all the time so now here's another name book complete with my f...
  • roleplay
  • random
  • town
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Future Days With The Flash 。 Barry Allen [3] by tinkertaydust
Future Days With The Flash 。 — TAY.
❝'cause I can't stop time you keep blurring in my mind and space is undefined these tracks left behind we can't stay the same ❞ BOOK THREE IN THE A DANCE WITH THE FLAS...
  • west
  • fanfiction
  • dance
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