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what happens? // one direction by kristelstepke
what happens? // one directionby Kris
What happens when a twist of fate causes a weekend getaway to go terribly wrong? © copyright 2012 kristelstepke
  • crash
  • bags
  • zayn
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Perfect Victims (Formerly Kidnapped: Stolen in the Night) by leonsls
Perfect Victims (Formerly leonsls
Mysteriously gaining incredible powers while wishing on a star, eight teen and preteen youths decide to use their powers to help others, becoming a team of super heroes...
  • abduction
  • chloroform
  • nerds
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Fanfiction: Kidnapping Sabrina (Pokemon) by 5wilsonr
Fanfiction: Kidnapping Sabrina ( Ryan Wilson
This story was written by BungleBing on DeviantART, so all credit goes to him. I do not own anything. Link:
  • chloroform
  • pokemon
  • sabrina
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The Lock by ActuallyAguirre
The Lockby Alex Aguirre
A short story revolving around two girls getting kidnapped.
  • kidnap
  • thriller
  • thrilling
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Entführung by HerzEinerKatze
Entführungby HerzEinerKatze
Weil es zu viele Entführungsgeschichten gibt...
  • chloroform
  • entführt
  • entführung
My Heart Was Stolen By Electric Blue by Mia_xo
My Heart Was Stolen By Electric Mia
When Clara Thompson meets Stefan Winters for the first time, she thought he was to die for. He's electric blue eyes created a spark deep within her. But since the day th...
  • kiss
  • kidnapping
  • knife
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Silent Screams by PandaSar11
Silent Screamsby PandaSar11
Kate and Annie were having a sleepover like most normal teenagers do and it was all fun and games…until he arrived. *had to write a horror short story for school and th...
  • annie
  • basement
  • silent
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The Blue Eye by DarkLightning
The Blue Eyeby Jasmine ❦
It will seek you. You will run. You will hide. But you will never escape the Blue Eye. Aura and Tazmin were abducted and forced to travel back to 1990 to stop a Governme...
  • boredom
  • best
  • 1990
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Sould to Them by mZqween
Sould to Themby mZqween
Ashlyn was just relaxing in the forest one night, just like she had done many nights before. She felt relaxed and safe as always. What she didn't notice was the man hidi...
  • chloroform
  • human
  • quinn
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bitten by chey_wooten07
bittenby cheyenne
  • chloroform
  • vampire
  • love
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Hugo Fanfic Lemon x Reader x Pandora x Prostate x Fursona by HUGOAccount1
Hugo Fanfic Lemon x Reader x Hughe Mungus
hot and shwanky
  • cumrag
  • furries
  • tigbitty
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Taken by PurpleDragonsNBooks
Takenby Abby
  • chloroform
  • serious
  • batman
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Chloroform and Zombies by KilgharrahFire
Chloroform and Zombiesby Kay
A Diary found in a ruin of a building. A tale of the world 150 years before. How it stayed together this long no-one knows, but wants in it is shocking even for us. We a...
  • chloroform
  • zombies
Framing the Perfect Scene by Misstatteredhalo
Framing the Perfect Sceneby Misstatteredhalo
Everyone likes to think they are safe. It's easier to believe the noise behind you is just the wind rustling the leaves. No one wants to believe they are next on the gri...
  • kidnapping
  • complete
  • police
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Gore Whore by JazminWilson80
Gore Whoreby JazminWilson80
Livia, makes her living off of other peoples misery and pain. Forcing men and women into torturous pain after she seduces then fucks them from whatever place she finds t...
  • blood
  • guts
  • violence
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by: anonymous by just_have_to_guess
by: anonymousby anonymous
My classmates don't know I'm writing about them everyday after school. They are hilariously insane. Enjoy.
  • chloroform
  • true
  • footinmouth
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Sleeperlesbian Game by petuniaskunkyuri
Sleeperlesbian Gameby petuniaskunkyuri
My Lesbian OC's Play's A Fun Lesbian Game.
  • lesbian
  • neckpinch
  • bearhug
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All I want is you - a Hot Chelle Rae fanfic by BrittaneeAnnee
All I want is you - a Hot Chelle Brittany Anne
Blair Everty has a dream: to be a famous singer. She gets tickets to her idol's concert, Hot Chelle Rae. Those 4 boys have made her life worth living, with the depressio...
  • danger
  • abuse
  • marriage
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Cozen by TwoOfTheCurious
Cozenby NareBear and KitKat
Cozen Definition: to trick or deceive Synonym: obtain by deception Antonym: expose From the moment she was born, seventeen-year-old Wisty Valence's life was filled with...
  • argue
  • take
  • cozen
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