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His Very Personal Assistant √ by VeeLizeni
His Very Personal Assistant √by Vongai Lizeni
Kandell Anderson can not keep her job with her past hunting her. She had just recently worked at a coffee shop. With a low paying wage. After her friend April knocks h...
  • billionaire
  • sightseeing
  • deals
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Different Worlds? / Batman x Reader (Under Editing) by gabygabs4030
Different Worlds? / Batman x gabygabs4030
This is a story about YOU and of course Mr. Bruce Wayne. You, a rich girl, who likes to keep it a secret, moves to Gotham to escape all the commotion of National City su...
  • heartbreak
  • sightseeing
  • superman
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The Elite by KatherineLewis
The Eliteby Katherine Holmes
Donevan, Mason, Lucas, and Kaden have had this dream of going big in the United States with their martial arts skills, they want to go world wide with their fighting ski...
  • elite
  • sights
  • passports
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I SAW A CREEPYPASTA 2/11/14 by JaylaVoorhees13
I SAW A CREEPYPASTA 2/11/14by Jayla Voorhees
On February 14, 2014, I believe that I saw a Creepypasta or some other creature. This is the description of what I saw and what I think it might be
  • creepypasta
  • sighting
Desperation in the car (Male) by OmarashiGirl
Desperation in the car (Male)by OmarashiStories
A Young Man, named Nathan... Was very desperate with the need to pee. He wanted to ask his parents, if they could pull over somewhere... But he knew if he asked. that th...
  • fanfic
  • car
  • male
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Kidnapped: Book 1 1/2 by Madi303
Kidnapped: Book 1 1/2by Madi303
9 months after the worst weeks of her life Isabella James has a baby boy, Jack. The baby's father... Mark Young the man who raped her. To make matters worse Izzy's boyfr...
  • jace
  • policmens
  • teen
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Sightings of Marx by RandomMarx
Sightings of Marxby RandomMarx
<NOTE: I wrote this story a long time ago, I do not ever intend to continue it. I am keeping it up for archiving and proof of improvement purposes only.> This is m...
  • sightings
  • mystery
  • kirby
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Washed (A One Direction fanfiction)(Original) by shaekybakey
Washed (A One Direction Go away
Hannah's a mermaid. But she's not a normal mermaid. She lives in a vacation hotspot, and works at the Sea Star hotel. Her hearts been broken, by an ass named James, and...
  • paparazzi
  • jen
  • one
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FML | Kpop Fan Fiction by SoftBabyJungwoo
FML | Kpop Fan Fictionby Mrs. Steal Yo Food
"Do you ever just want to defenestrate yourself out of pure frustration but can't because you want to live to see if CL will eventually be allowed to release music...
  • skz
  • highschool
  • sighing
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Star-Sighted by Lunitara
Star-Sightedby Lunitara Fexes
After Marco and Star finally talk about what happened in the Photo Booth (After the season 3 finale) Marco feels that he ruined the relatoinship, and just wants to 'forg...
  • vs
  • fanfiction
  • svtfoe
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My CP Experiences by the_SDDC
My CP Experiencesby Proud Christian!
So like I have experienced seeing some CPs (creepypastas) I will write them down here and you can choose to believe me or not.
  • creepypasta
  • life
  • sightings
Hunting Herobrine by ULTIMATEHEROBRINE
Hunting Herobrineby ULTIMATE HEROBRINE
  • notch
  • xbox360
  • herobrine
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Creepypasta experiences?  by Iam_TheDevil
Creepypasta experiences? by Rika👌
uhh idk if this creepypasta experiences but *slaps myself*
  • sightings
  • slenderman
  • experiences
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The Mysterious Voice by shaneahs
The Mysterious Voiceby shaneahs
Isang balik bayang mag i stay sa isang hotel ang maka ririnig ng boses sa likod ng kanilang kwarto na ang pumapagitan ay tanging pader lamang, tuwing alas sais ng umaga...
  • sightseeing
  • surprising
  • dating
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Her desire  by firebender10
Her desire by firebender10
A girl named sapphire has been through a lot all through her 14 years on earth but thing get even worst after a camping trip on her fourteenth birthday
  • horror
  • dark
  • fotoantigua
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The Occurrence at Athens Correctional Facility by Cedricd65
The Occurrence at Athens Cedric Dewan Long
Alien, Demon, Spirit, Living Creature, Monster? I don't know what it was. I just know I was there that night and the occurrence it happened. A few years ago I worked at...
  • prison
  • things
  • scary
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Paying Attention by NikolasThornton
Paying Attentionby NikolasThornton
How was yesterday different from today? When was the last time you wore that shirt? You had it on all day. How can you not know that? What was the name of the cashier wh...
  • creepypasta
  • happ
  • deathandlife
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The Great Invasion | 2023 by ROBLOXGamingDavid
The Great Invasion | 2023by ROBLOXGamingDavid
Nothing will ever be the same for the remaining humanity since March 11, 2023... ...when dozens of US Army Soldiers and the remaining SF Police Officers with the assist...
  • determination
  • gunfight
  • fantasy
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Child's Cure by faerierain
Child's Cureby faerierain
Everyone knows that being a kid doesn't make you innocent, but we'd rather not think about what that implies. Fourteen year old Dawn lives in this lack of innocence. Not...
  • pain
  • kids
  • doubt
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Kölner Ansichten - Views of Cologne by BigWolfKoeln
Kölner Ansichten - Views of Cologneby BigWolfKoeln
Fotos aus der wunderschönen Stadt am Rhein - Photographs of this beautiful city at the Rhine Copyright of all photos: Wolfgang Gürth
  • köln
  • reisen
  • photography
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